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Based on original Avenger's Delayed DB Attack. Makes Tribunal main quest start only after significant progress in MW main quest. Optimized for performance.

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  • Polish
Based on original Avenger's Delayed DB Attack, this mod makes Dark Brotherhood assassins only attack player in his sleep after he reached some significant point in the main MW plot (and accordingly, decent level). The only problem with Avenger's script is that it eats more processor power than it deserves. In this version, all necessary calculations are performed only when the player gets to sleep. Also, when DB attacks cease, the script stops itself completely.

UPD 01/10/2015: Some users were reporting the mod stopping DB attacks completely rather than delaying them upon the defined set of conditions. The bug seems to be fixed now.

ATTENTION: To whoever wants to report that the mod is not working, please do the following steps first:
Type in the console "ScriptRunning dbAttackScript" and see if it returns 0 or 1.
If it's 0, I will at least know that I should be looking for the reason it stopped.
You also may type "StartScript dbAttackScript" and see if things are better for you.
If it's 1, though:
If you're playing with OpenMW, check the list of your mods and see if Morrowind Patch vX.X.X.esm is enabled there (you may also search your mod folder for whatever other .esm containing dbAttackScript; I'm only aware of this one so far, but the remedy will be the same). If it is, do the following:
Open DB_Attack_Mod.esp in Construction Set, but also check Morrowind Patch file (or whatever other .esm you found). Save the mod again.
Launch the game, and make a quick check: type "dbAttackScript.notYet" in the console. If it returns 0 or 1, and NOT an error, then you know that the workaround worked.