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Master face and hair compilation of the collective work of over fifty modders for the all the stock Morrowind races. The compilation primarily adds new faces and hair for all the game’s stock races for use by the Player and act as a resource for other mods. It will, however, replace the stock faces and hair of the NPCs in the game with new ones.

Permissions and credits
Over the years I have collected just about every new face and hair mod for Morrowind ever released. For my personal use I start making my own face pack compilation, mainly to reduce the number of mods loaded into my game, reduce the chaos in my mesh and texture folders, and to use as the base for several of my personal mods. I have decided to release this is to the community as I am about to release several of those mods that reference this master compilation. The compilation primarily adds new faces and hair for all the game's stock races for use by the Player and act as a resource for other mods. It will, however, replace the stock faces and hair of the NPCs in the game with new ones.

*** THE Team ***

I have tried to make this list as comprehensive and accurate as possible to acknowledge the modders whose collective work has been used to make this compilation. If I have forgotten to properly acknowledge someone it is an oversight and not intended. Westly's work has been excluded as he is creating a master compilation of his work and has asked that his work not be used in other mods.

* Alien Slof
* Allerleirauh
* Andy!
* Arathrax
* Astarsis
* Calislahn
* CanadianIce
* Darksharp
* Detritus
* Don Salus
* Elric_Melnibone
* Elynda
* Emma
* Eternum
* Eve
* Ghoul
* Golgotha
* Gorg
* Hellkitty
* Joy
* Kaliku
* Karmina the Vamp
* Kateri
* Kayleena
* Korana
* Leeloo
* Lillia
* Lochnarus
* Mandamus
* Mantodea
* Motoki
* Nomad
* Noviere
* Pseron Wyrd
* Qarl
* Ravyn Angel
* Redwoodsprite
* Ren (Louis)
* Rhedd (B. Griffith)
* Runi
* Sabregirl
* Sheikizza
* Silaria
* Skullhunter
* Sorcha Ravenlock
* Tarnsman
* The Sirius Snape
* UQForgotten
* Valstorm
* Wizthis
* Wormgod
* Xiamara
* Zuldazug

If you decide to use any of the heads and/or hair meshes/textures in your own mod please include all of the appropriate credits for each that you use from the above mentioned and as applicable:

*** THE Requirements ***

This compilation requires Morrowind patched to v1.6.1820 and both of the expansions: Tribunal and Bloodmoon. It also requires the resources of the four THE Facepacks I have released as separate downloads due their combined size.

*** THE Installation & Usage ***

To install extract the archive file into the Data Files folder of your Morrowind directory. It is recommended to use THE Facepack Compilation.esm rather than the esp file. It is not necessary, nor recommended, to use any of the esm or esp files from the four companion facepacks of this mod. I have done my best to maintain the file and folder structure of the original mods as well as their IDs to minimize any potential conflicts. However, other modders have not done the same, changing not only IDs but file names and folder assignments. Just remember to adjust your load order as appropriate.Also, remember too that esps file overwrite the changes made by esm files. The esp file is provided can be used to make your own personal tweaks to this compilation using the Construction Set.

*** THE Files ***

In this compilation there are:

1 esm files
1 esp file
1 bsa register utility

All of the needed mesh and texture files are located in four bsa files:

THE Argonian & Khajiit Facepack.bsa
THE BrImRg Facepack.bsa
THE Elven Facepack.bsa
THE Nord & Orc Facepack.bsa

These must downloaded separately and extracted into your Data Files folders. You must have registered the bsa files in your Morrowind.ini file in order for the game to locate the files. Included is a BSA register utility that will register this and other bsa files into your Morrowind.ini file. This utility must be located in the Data Files folder in order to work.

It is also important to note that the game will use meshes and textures files outside of the bsa files first before using the files containing inside them. You can use this to modified or overwrite the files located in the bsa files.

*** THE Changes ***

See the individual readmes for each of the four Facepacks.
*** THE Acknowledgements ***

This compilation was put together using several modding utilities whose creators I wish to thank and acknowledge:

> Argent - BSA Browser & TES Dependency Tool Kit
> Erik Benerdal - TESAME
> Ghostwheel - TestTool
> The NifSkope team - NifSkope
> MentalElf - TES Files
> Yannick Leon - DDS Converter

- No Stock Face Change version -
This Version of THE Facepack Compilation has had the mesh assignments for the stock face and hair (example: b_n_dark elf_m_head01) stripped out. This will allow users to freely interchange plugin-less face replacers, such as Telesphoros'Vvardenfell Visages, to adjust the appearance of the NPCs to suit their tastes. The original THE Facepack Compilation esm and esp files will be overwritten by this version's files. Other than the removal of the mesh assignments for the stock face and hair no other changes have been made.

Users of THE Morrowind NPC Makeover mod can use this version without having to start a new game. The game will give you a warning about a different version when you first load the game with this version. That message will disappear once you save with this version.