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YOU REALLY NEED BETTER BODIES TO USE THIS PLUG-IN! The Wizthis_Leopardsuit was my First attempt to make clothes. I included it in this because I did not place the previous release "In game". It uses Niolivs meshes (Ground too). Icon made.The Tan, Red & Black Bra & Panties:This was done using Nioliv full alpha Meshes. Included is retextured full alpha Nioliv "ground" meshes for these outfits. Icons for these were done as well.Sweater-Shirt, Mini skirt and shoes:Top is a Nioliv 1 bit alpha mesh. Shoe Mesh by James Leighton (Lord Alt Tab) & Skirt Mesh by Lingarn. Ground is the folded "basic box" meshes. Ground mesh for shoes. Icons were done for these.Ebony Plate Shoes:Mesh by Joel Braddock (a.k.a. Mantodea) Grd & icon done for this too.Included in the first release was a redone female Nord BB texture. The one I use for my companion. It is renamed so it will not over write your texture. If you want to use it, save your texture or rename it and then rename this one with the original file name.Where is the "Stuff"! Hint: It's "floating" around someplace in the Ascadian Isles Region.Credits: Nioliv, Lord Alt Tab, Lingarn, Bethesda, Psychodog, DinkumThinkum for great knowledge & testing this out. (Thank you!)Darkone for hosting this. (And helping with many other things too)And the support from the people @ the ES forum.Tools used:NIFTEXTURE (Dave Humphrey)TESTool (ghostwheel)Used TESFILE (MentalElf)Used 7Z to compress the file.Questions/Problems/Feedback...PM me @ the ES forum.