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Azura's Castle is a full blown castle on an island located a ways south of Seyda Neen. There are gigantic silt striders, boat, and a room that takes you to many places (one way). Or you could always swim, fly, or walk on water (or any combo of the 3) to get there.There are many buildings in this castle imcluding a Reception Area, laboratory with a garden in front of it, Barracks, guest quarters, Observatory, Hermit's Tree, guard towers, Library, Market (with smith, enchanter, alchemist), a prison, armory, Nerevarine's Manor with loads of storage, and many hidden places. I plan to update from time to time so don't be too mad if something isn't to your liking! This is a TRUE castle complete with Dungeon (You have to find the dungeon yourself), large courtyard, walls, statues, high cliffs, and even an old battlefield.And all this was done using no added files (just the .esp) and without using tribunal or bloodmoon (but once i'm done I shall make a MTB version). Cleaned with TESTool!View readme for more...