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Hair in Morrowind always looked as if someone had thrown a pancake at the NPC and it had sort of missed. It never bothered me much but  I thought it would be nice if I saw different looking people; and guards who didn't appear to have several identical brothers and sisters. I haven't taken much notice of the NPCs other than that. I'm too busy rescuing their pillows from rats or hunting for their lost bowls. I used to feel a bit bewildered by how NPCs  lost household objects until one of our (new) chopping boards quit the premises  after only a few days. We have no idea where it's gone. I feel much more sympathetic towards  Morrowind NPCs now. 

Anyway, this is Heddvild who hangs about in all weathers in Balmora. Why she doesn't shelter from the rain is a mystery especially with such glorious hair! It's wonderful. There's masses of it and it's hair like. But now I have a quandary. Her hair is so very beautiful that I'm scared of looking for any other faces/hairs mods in case I lose her. 

The mod I used is amusingly named Prim and Proper and replaces some of the more exotic Westly hairstyles. Thank you Danae for helping to remove the pancakes from the people of Morrowind. Incidentally, Prim and Proper doesn't require a whole morning set aside to install the ten zillion mods you need first nor does it involve the wailing and the gnashing of teeth when you find that particular mod is now hidden or gone. One file and you're done. Perfect!

Westlys Master Head Pack Prim and Proper -

I also use Kartoffels mod (another amusing title!) which is newly updated. The description page is particularly interesting on the question of faces in MW.

FaceLift_TR -