Better Balanced Combat allows you to easily create your own patches for your favorite mods.

The way to apply NPC and creature effects is easy, you just add the bbc effects ability from either Better Balanced Combat.esp or Better Balanced Combat Base Module.esp to any NPCs or creatures in a mod. Even though this is easy it can be incredibly tedious. This is where the auto patcher included in the installer comes in. Not only is it great for allowing users to quickly make all their mods compatible quickly, but it's also great for creating hand crafted patches. Just unload all of your mod plugins except for the ones you want to create a patch for, then run the BBCAutoPatcher program in your Data Files folder. It will take care of this step for you.

After applying the NPC and creature effects you'll want to convert Fortify Attack and Fortify/Drain/Restore/Damage/Absorb Weapon Skill effects to Fortify/Drain/Restore/Damage/Absorb Attribute Strength effects with magnitude divided by 10 (minimum of 1 magnitude, round up) using the Construction Set or MWEdit. When looking for effects be sure to check enchantments, spells, potions, and ingredients.

Then directly convert Sanctuary effects to Fortify Skill Block.

Next directly convert all Blind effects that aren't magnitude 100 to Drain Skill Block.

Then you'll apply a light version Chantox's WRAR effects following the models below unless patching with Rebirth in mind: 

Two handed axes
+3 minimum slash

-0.15 reach

+0.3 reach
-0.25 speed
+3 minimum thrust

+0.3 reach
Swap chop and slash
+3 minimum thrust

-0.25 reach
If not iron -0.1 speed and +3 minimum slash

-0.1 reach

-0.25 reach

Swap chop and thrust

You can have dependencies, but be careful what you make it dependent on when it comes to plugins from my mod. This is because users have a choice which plugins to install and there are many different combinations. Because the dependency toolkit can destroy plugins it might be better to just remove all dependencies with mod_prepare or try setting dependencies through Wrye Mash.

Lastly you'll want to rename your plugin, edit the author and description, and clean it.

If you make a patch please share it. You can either upload it yourself or contact me. I'll evaluate it and it might make it into the installer where you'll get credits.

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