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Import saveslots from a different savedata into your savedata.

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Compatible with Iceborne


Import saveslots from a different savedata into your savedata.

File -> Open SavaData to select the SaveData you want to import saveslots into
File -> Import SaveData / SaveSlots to select from which SaveData you want to import saveslots
Drag and drop the saveslots so that the left panel shows them how you want them to appear in-game (obviously limited to 3 slots)
File -> Save SaveData to save the edited SaveData (make a backup of your current save)

You can also edit the SteamID by clicking on the SteamID. Use this site to find your ID and copy the steamID64 number.
By default the tool will just use the SteamID already present in your save, so you usually don't want to edit it.

 The game throws a 'Failed to load save data' at me.
A: You either used the wrong SteamID or this tool is broken, if you think it is an issue with my tool then please send me your SaveData so that I can investigate.

Q: The tool doesn't open or crashes
A: Install .NET 5.0, click on the Download x64 button underneath Run desktop apps.

Q: I can't download this, it gives me a "Failed - Virus detected"
A: Yeah, I don't know why, but as a workaround you could temporarily disable your Real-time scanning under Windows Security Center -> Virus & threat protection settings.

Q: Can this transfer my savegame from/to a PS4?
A: No, you can import your PS4 savegame using this tool if your PS4 is jailbroken (which it most likely isn't). Read the posts here if you want to know why it isn't possible.

Please tell me about any issues you might find, or improvements you'd like to see.

As always, source is here.