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!!! THIS REQUIRES A DECRYPTED PS4 SAVE !!! This tool allows you to easily transfer character save data from your PS4 save to your Steam PC save.

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Monster Hunter: World - WorldSaveTransfer v1.0
Tool by MHVuze


Allows you to transfer the character data from your PlayStation 4 save to your Steam PC save.
This of course requires a DECRYPTED save and therefore a jailbroken PS4 (currently only public exploits for =< 5.05 are available).

(Alternatively, write a friendly email to the PS4 Save Wizard team and ask them to finally allow users to decrypt MHW save data which they do not support right now. Maybe they'll add support for it if enough people ask.)

Tested and working with game build 161254 (PC) / GM (PS4).

Use at your own risk! Play in offline mode if you fear a ban or whatever.

You might lose items or equipment that you have acquired on PS4 which is not yet available in the PC version.
This tool will create a backup of the specified PC save data file, so you can restore it easily in case something goes wrong.

1. Dump your decrypted PS4 save (i.e. using Playstation 4 Save Mounter)
2. Open WorldSaveTransfer
3. Select your decrypted PS4 save as input (memory.dat) and the slot of the character you want to transfer to PC
4. If not already selected automatically, select your PC save data and the slot you want to save the PS4 character to
5. Click "Transfer character data to PC"

If you downloaded this mod from anywhere but NexusMods, be wary of malicious modifications.

Thanks to Ambytes and AsteriskAmpersand for their work on MHW Save Editor of which I use the crypto and hash functions in this tool.



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