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Removal of the horrific bleaching of textures and beautify the game by popping colours and adding ambient obscurance.

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This mod hasn't been updated in a long while, but it does still work if you want it. You will need to download an older version of ReShade (version 3.4.1) if you want to follow my instructions. Version 4.0 changed a lot and set-up/configuration may be slightly different.

Clear Hunter is a simple ReShade preset that removes the horrible bleached effect this engine has, sharpens textures, and adds MXAO. This makes the game appear to have better textures along with making the game more beautiful. Colours appear more vibrant and blacks appear deeper.



  • Extract the downloaded 7z file into the root of MonsterHunterWorld
  • Download Reshade 3.4.1 and open
  • Select MonsterHunterWorld.exe as your game and click on the Direct3D 10+ option
  • Click yes when asked you if you want default shaders and press ok.
  • Close the window
  • Run the game
  • Press shift + F2 to open the ReShade menu.
  • Press continue on the tutorial.
  • Click the drop down menu and select ClearHunter.
  • Click continue through the tutorial.
  • Click finish.


  • Delete ClearHunter.ini, dxgi.dll, dxgi.ini files.
  • Delete Reshade-Shaders folder


An effect called MXAO used in this ReShade (adds shadow to contact points of objects) can cause stuttering. I have now added the keybind "NumPad *" to toggle this effect. I believe it's due to the Z pre-pass trying to access the depth buffer at the same time as the ReShade. It can save, up to about 5, frames per second.

Currently MXAO is incompatible with SpecialK. So if using this with it making sure MXAO is off in the "shift + F2" menu.

  • Added "NumPad *" keybind to toggle MXAO effect for people having performance issues.
  • Adjusted colours slightly.