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♥♪ Your one stop shop to make everywhere better!! ☻♥♪
Essential quality of life mod to save time between quests!!
Turns player rooms into efficient quest hubs!!
Adds facilities to Hubs, Rooms, and Towns!!
Turns the Research Base into a full hub!!
Moves spawns to better locations!!

Permissions and credits
  version 15.22.00 compatible

♥ required mods ♥

should work without Iceborne.

heavily inspired by existing mods:

you are strongly encouraged to avoid using the mod when starting a new character or save.
backup your save data often as it may break the progression of important story events.
players who have already completed the game should be safe to use it without issue.
you should likely be safe to use it on a new character after:
  • finishing your first great jagras hunt.
  • entering your player room for the first time.
  • entering the gathering hub for the first time.
  • (possibly) entering the research base for the first time.
  • (possibly) starting iceborne and entering seliana for the first time.

do not talk to mod npc's with quest markers ( ! ) over their heads. talk to them at their normal locations.
it may softlock the game or lock you out of a quest, such as the witcher dlc.
if this happens, return to title without saving.

♥ what's new ♥

♥ version 1.4.5 ♥
♥ cliffs of astera ♥

  • added functional canteen chairs to the handler's table in the astera canteen.
  • added an item box next to the handler's table in the astera canteen.
  • added several facilities to the top of the cliff behind the smithy in astera:
    • the handler and a hub quest counter (with provisions).
    • item boxes and canteens.
    • smithy and armory.
    • ecology.
    • botany and argosy.
    • tailraider.
    • invisible lifts at the top and bottom of the new area. replaces the workshop lift arrival.
    • unfortunately, resource center access could not be added here due to a softlock that occurs when using it.
  • relocated astera's default spawn (return from quest and fly to tradeyard) to the top of the cliff with the new facilities.
  • added a miscellaneous file that restores the mod's classic astera spawn by the captured monster site.
  • restored the missing visual models for modded astera lifts.

♥ version 1.4.4 ♥
♥ smithy cam cleanup ♥

  • added the effects of unrestricted hub-pub npc cameras. you no longer need to install that mod if you have this one installed.
  • added a miscellaneous file that only contains the bare minimum facilities needed to be able to accept quests and eat in your room.
  • changed the mod's astera lift so it's now accessible by traveling to tradeyard from the center lifts (gathering hub and waterfall bridge).
  • moved the lynian expert in seliana canteen further away from the item box to prevent accidentally talking to her.
  • moved some npc positions in player rooms (mostly the smithy) for better views of the player and palico when previewing equipment.
  • moved some excessive item boxes and canteens to the optional room quest boards file.
  • added more background npc's, such as meowscular chef visiting his grandma in the seliana canteen and sisterly fourth in all player rooms during certain times of the day.


♥ version 1.4.3 ♥
♥ astera hub tables ♥

  • revision2 — replaced the armory gal with the seliana armory gal in the seliana hub and suite, as was initially intended.
  • revision1 — fixed an animation issue with sisterly fourth in the living quarters.
  • the upstairs area in the astera gathering hub receives:
    • quest counter with pub girls.
    • canteen chairs at the tables.
    • item boxes by the stairs.
    • flavor npc's occupying the tables.
  • added a table in the astera gathering hub corner for the canteen chairs.
  • replaced floating item box markers with functional tiny chests.
  • relocated living quarters spawn away from npc's.
  • relocated private quarters spawn away from npc's.
  • removed some redundant objects in the private suite.
  • fixed several smithy and armory positions to give unobstructed views when previewing equipment.


♥ version 1.4.2 ♥
♥ seliana hub tables ♥

  • added several facilities to the seliana hub corner by the smithy entrance.
  • added flavor npc's to the seliana hub tables.
  • added a quest prep spot by the seliana hub hot springs.
  • relocated seliana hub's quest return spawn to the smithy entrance.
  • removed the item box by the seliana suite entrance. it has been moved to the suite room quest boards optional file.
  • fixed smithy vendor's position in the private suite.

♥ what's coming next ♥

  • possibly adding a custom installer to allow you to more easily choose which features you receive.

♥ acknowledgments ♥

special thanks to Keanu for their overwhelming support
with designing and testing new additions. (:

additional thanks to Dave uRrr and JodoZT for
the tools and templates that made this possible.

♥ about this mod ♥

make everywhere more convenient!!
gathering hubs, player rooms, towns, and the research base become (more) efficient hubs.

do your friends get mad because you take too long getting ready?
hate the running and loading screens for farms and upgrades??
well, no excuses now!! :p

several facilities are added to points of interest to maximize efficiency.
depart on arena and siege quests anywhere!!

no more running back and forth between quests for smithy upgrades and resource farms.
now it's more convenient when a quest doesn't let you choose your return option.

enjoy ambient sounds you might have never noticed before.
pet poogie while still being efficient in towns!!  (:

admire the scenery of underused areas and the beauty of your living spaces.
relax to the soothing music of your rooms as you prepare for quests.

player rooms become more than just aesthetic. now they offer more utility than the gathering hubs!!
perfect for a change of pace and scenery to prevent burnout.  (:
ever wanted to sit on the stools in your astera rooms? now you can!! and you can even eat there too!
relax and sit along the water in your suites.
share a meal with the handler in your room then depart on a quest right away.

use rooms to cook items without leaving the gathering hubs.
skip every canteen animation (even the player celebrating) by eating in the research base and player rooms!!

* see details under additional notes and tips.

seliana suite becomes an alternative multiplayer hub for friends.
gain extra value from your room dlc's and share your bgm's with others.
prepare for quests together in a personal and customizable space.
use the room chat tab to have private group chats in public lobbies.
show off your beautiful room decorations and endemic life.
arm wrestle your friends in the comfort of your room.

spawns for townsseliana suite, and seliana hub are improved.
increase accessibility with two-way lifts in astera next to the resource center and smithy clifftop.

♥ what's included ♥



gathering hub spawns, player rooms, and town spawns receive several facilities:
  • quest — handler + hub lass + pub lass + quest board
  • inventory — item box
  • siege — hub lass + pub lass
    * you can join siege anywhere, but don't claim siege rewards outside of gathering hubs or you'll get softlocked.
  • arena — arena lass + arena manager
  • smithy — second fleet master + smithy vendor / bowgunner smithy
  • armory — armory + seliana armory
  • provisions — hub provisions + pub provisions
  • resource center — provisions manager + analytics director
  • botany — pub sailor
  • argosy — pub sailor
  • ecology — chief ecologist
  • tailraider safari — lynian expert
  • canteen — new and additional canteen chairs for areas previously lacking access.
    * camera positions for canteen cutscenes don't function properly in player rooms and the research base. it doesn't affect gameplay outside of the seliana suite bug.

the research base receives the same additions as towns.



several spawns, including quest return spawns, are moved next to their facilities:
  • astera tradeyard — top of cliff behind smithy.
  • classic astera tradeyard — captured monster site.
  • seliana central area — inside center canteen entrance.
  • seliana hub — smithy entrance.
  • living quarters — lower entrance (away from npc's).
  • private quarters — front of entrance (away from npc's).
  • seliana suite — center of room.
* if you prefer to keep vanilla spawns, see details under installation.

astera receives invisible lifts next to the resource center and smithy clifftop!!
to arrive at these lifts:
  • resource center — travel to tradeyard lift from any lift except canteen.
  • clifftop — travel to workshop lift from any lift.
* the vanilla lifts still function as normal for one-way departures.

other minor additions:
  • gathering hubs receive more flavor: npc's sitting at the tables and meowscular chef in canteens reminding you to eat!!
  • seliana suite receives an arm wrestling barrel.
    * the minigame works but the camera does not.
  • seliana suite receives extra seats on the bed for players to sit together.
  • private suite and seliana suite rooms receive resting spots along their water.
    * you can fall out of bounds if you wander too far in the water. the game warps you back to spawn if you fall out of the map.

♥ additional notes and tips ♥

skip all smithy upgrade animations by using the smithy in your rooms.

start at the research base when loading your save.
the canteen has no cutscenes for your first meal when loading your game here.

skip all canteen animations by selecting return to base after a quest and flying to your room.
this sets up the celebration skip to use room canteens quickly.

when departing from rooms, your arrival location after completing quests always defaults to expedition.
return to astera hub (or seliana hub with vanilla spawn) to spawn very close to your room.

some quests, such as story quests, send you to town without an option.

use the living quarters and private quarters astera rooms for maximum convenience.
or optionally, install extra quest boards in the private suite and seliana suite!!
the small rooms load very quickly; perfect when returning to a gathering hub or utilizing canteen skips after quests.
aesthetically, they're also very cute, tiny, peaceful, and intimate with everyone so close to you.  (:
the tiny rooms also have my favorite music themes in the game! ♥

some objects are intentionally close together and you may interact with the wrong one if you're not careful.
for example, vanilla chairs in gathering hubs are still functional so you may accidentally sit on them when you want to use the canteen.
use the select target prompts before interacting with objects and npc's to prevent this from happening.

noteworthy differences between areas:
  • canteens can cook items everywhere except gathering hubs.
  • every canteen animation (including celebrating after eating) can be skipped in the research base and player rooms.
  • siege rewards can only be claimed in gathering hubs, but siege quests can be joined anywhere.
  • palico equipment can be managed everywhere except astera and its gathering hub.
  • quest boards skip npc dialogue but can't access siege or arena.

♥ when using canteens where they don't exist in vanilla (i.e. the research base and player rooms),
the animations that can be skipped are determined by your last area:

  • load save (research base) — complete skip (no animation after).
  • astera and selianacomplete skip (no animation after).
  • gathering hubs — slow skip (unskippable animation after).
  • combat areas (quests, expeditions, and training) — slow skip (unskippable animation after).

noteworthy minor bugs:
  • do not ask the astera housekeeper to change rooms while you're in quest standby. you will get stuck in an infinite loading screen.
  • do not throw pet food when sitting on the extra bed seats in the seliana suite. your game may crash or temporarily break one of the pets.
  • the game hides your palico when visiting someone else's room (in the seliana suite), making them invisible while forging palico equipment.
  • talking to the lynian expert in astera fails to load the tailraider music which stops all background music until you change areas.
  • the living quarters camera always spawns in its vanilla position, which is away from the mod spawn and has to catch up to the player.
  • in multiplayer, players without the mod installed will see you interacting with invisible objects, staring at nothing, or warping to a vanilla object while interacting. these are harmless visual effects, but it may understandably confuse some players and lead them to think they are experiencing network issues.

♥ installation ♥

to install:

  • copy the nativePC folder to the game directory. it contains stage and village folder data.

    to update to a new version, just override the files from the current version.
    clearing existing folders should not be necessary unless you have issues with the installation.

no restart necessary, just reload the area.

to use vanilla spawns, remove the following files under nativePC/stage/ :
  • asterast301/common/set/st301_pl.sobj
  • seliana — st305/common/set/st305_pl.sobj
  • seliana hub — st306/common/set/st306_pl.sobj
  • living quarters — st501/common/set/st501_pl.sobj
  • private quarters — st502/common/set/st502_pl.sobj
  • seliana suite — st506/common/set/st506_pl.sobj

to uninstall:

  • remove the contents of the stage and village folders that were added when installed.
no restart necessary, just reload the area.

♥ other useful mods ♥

♥ install these additional mods to maximize seliana hub's quality of life ♥
both mods are compatible with this one if this is installed last.
if you experience issues installing through vortex, try installing manually.

♥ known bugs ♥

  • overly attached cooks in the seliana suite — don't skip the handler's cooking animation until the food is in front of you. it appears one of the felyne animations may also be at risk.
    the camera is below the map during the cutscene and skipping it may push you out of bounds. map traveling or departing from standby will fix this issue. it seems safe to skip at any point when you're eating anywhere else.
    entering your room from seliana sets up the celebration skip, making it safe to skip the cutscenes.
  • locking yourself out of the witcher dlc quest — don't talk to copies of the lynian expert when she has a quest marker ( ! ) over her head. talk to her in the research base instead.
    a known issue seen previously in the extra npcs in astera gathering hub mod. geralt won't spawn in the research base if you start the witcher dlc by talking to a mod copy of the lynian expert with a quest marker. this prevents you from starting the quest and becomes permanent if you save the game. if you haven't saved yet, it can be undone by returning to title without saving. however, fixing it after saving requires memory editing. check out this article for instructions.

if you wish to change or add new npc's and objects, you can edit the sobj* files directly in the stage folders in nativePC. for resources, check out monster hunter world research: map editing.