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An open-source save editor for MHW Iceborne.

Permissions and credits
If you want a game file editor go for Synthlight's MHW Editor.

Yes, it's finally arrived, a save editor for Iceborne.
This project is open-source on GitHub.

The program depends on VC Redist (x64), the proper place to find it is here.
You probably already have it though, only install if the program doesn't open.

The editor will make backups of your save file whenever you open one, this can be turned off in settings.
If you don't trust it for whatever reason, you can still make manual backups if you want.
The editor makes no automatic changes to your save file, you have full control.
The editor will also try a bit to keep your save in a valid state, so if you do manage to mess up your save
in some way, please be sure to report it.

NOTE: When switching characters between slots, your research photos may become corrupt.
This may be fixed in the future, for now, if you want to keep all your photos make a backup of the following:
  • temp/_TempPhoto/*
  • remote/PhotoData*.dat

If you would like added features or notice an issue, consider reporting it in Issues.

  • Change Steam ID.
  • Change Hunter and Palico names.
  • Edit character playtime.
  • Edit Zenny & Research Points.
  • Edit Steamworks stored fuel.
  • Edit item amounts.
  • Add items to your item box.
  • Uncraft equipment, including permanent ones like Defendor.
  • Swap character slots (Note: photo data may be corrupted).
  • Duplicate character slots.
  • Edit Guiding Lands region levels to as high as you've had each before.
  • Uncap Guiding Lands region levels.
  • Get limited-time items like Artemis Gear and Assassin's Hood+.
  • Get limited-time layered armor like Artemis and Bayek (NOTE: Artemis requires you to be MR).
  • Add Loadouts for DLC layered armor, like Yukumo, Silver Knight, and Samurai.
  • Display item names in any language supported by the game.
  • A backup system, to keep your files safe.
  • Some fixes for possible issues in save files.
  • More coming...

AsteriskAmpersand - for the previous save editor and the python rewrite.
- LEGENDFF - for the reference implementation for decrypting/encrypting the save files.
- Synthlight - for the .itm template that I adapted to dump the items.
- Marcus101RR - for the tables that have helped me map out the save structure.