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This is cheat table (.CT) requires Cheat Engine (7.1 or later) to be used in conjunction with Monster Hunter World to allow modifying of in-game data without running internal nativePC mods. This is currently the only most popular Save Editor included in the table.

Permissions and credits
Some features may not work for you if you use an outdated, pirated, modified, or otherwise invalid copy of the game. Using mods with this table could also give incorrect results to certain pointers! Please ensure if you wish all data to function that you run the game clean without mods.

Supported Mods: Stracker, Overlay Mod
Cheat Engine:

As of recently, many users have corrupted their save data for unreleased content by Capcom or triggered one of the Sanity Checks provided by the game. Once you do this, your save file will be in a incorrect value state. However, the bypass known as Bypass Incorrect Value will allow you to circumvent the check. You will be forced to play offline in some cases, but you can reconnect later.

How To Use
  1. Download CE from official website.
  2. Download Table from Nexus.
  3. Start the game.
  4. Run and Attach CE to MonsterHunterWorld.exe process.
  5. Load downloaded table.
  6. Use to your hearts content.

  • Do NOT use online in public sessions, you will piss off players and get unwanted attention.
  • Do NOT abuse the system, bypass functions, or cause harmful activities online.
  • Use PRIVATE sessions to play with cheats and/or modified content with friends.
  • Requests MAY be granted, but do not expect them to be done.
  • Some features are already there, use them as-is to create what you want (E.G: One-Shot Weapon Script, use item modifier or damage modifier). You want to cheat, work for it at least. You are already being spoon-fed.
  • Using this online and being caught for malicious use MAY get you banned from private or public communities of Monster Hunter, use at your own risk!
Between launch of Iceborne and as of January 26, 2020 the Anti-Cheat functionality of the game was active and caused issues and performance problems for many users. As such you required to use a program that would initially kill 24 threads to run the table successfully with scripts. This is no longer the case, but should such event change. You may need a bypass again! Anti-Debug is still present and must be disabled with Allow VEH script to bypass.

The following table provides various functions, scripts, and pointers to game data that you can use. Please remember to use this offline, or in a private session with your friends.

  • Expedition Editor* - Allows you to modify the monsters that spawn in the region, endemic researchers, and Upsurges.
  • Guiding Lands Editor - Allows you to modify full extent of the maps active Monsters, region locations of said monsters, outcrop data, levels, and analysis data (Save Editor).
  • Equipment Editor - Allows modification of internal equipment data such as current Decorations, Mods, and Levels.
  • Armor Editor - Modifies static data of armor you have currently selected in your Equipment View menu.
  • Weapon Editor - Allows modification of weapon after opening Equipment View menu.
  • Charm Editor - Allows modification of the charm and its skills and decoration slots.
  • Investigation Editor* - Allows basic editing of the investigations you get from expeditions. View investigations to edit.
  • Bypass Player Limit - Removes the 1-2 player limit on any quest, and allows up to 4 on any. Works for Arena Quests.
  • Bypass Armor Limit - Allows you to level up Armor to Level 99 instead of default Rarity values.
  • PL PARAMS - Raw access to Player Parameters pointers.
  • PL ITEM PARAMS - Raw access to Player Item Data Parameters pointers.
  • ARMOR DAT - Allows modification of the armor skill data (Thanks Faith)
  • Save Editor - Allows you to edit partial data of Save Data for each slot! Duping/Sharing saves is possible with this method. No bypass needed for encryption.
  • Generic Pointers - A few may needed pointers for player, capacity parameters, and other world data.
  • Steamworks Combo - Freeze the value and always get perfect steamworks results.

Save Editor
You can modify almost everything in the Save Editor, though it is very difficult to map out all the data that is contained in this file. Some sections are Read Only, meaning they are being grabbed from another source, if you edit something and it changes it back to its default value. Chances are, its Read only, do not report this as a bug.

Save Editing has risks, invalid natural values can cause the save from loading. If this happens, try to change back the values you edited. Always back up the save data.
  • Character - You can modify the basic information of characters, such as the name, experience, ranks, vouchers, play time, login bonus, and special login bonus. Some of these values can be set to 0 to reset them, such as the login bonuses for infinite claiming.
  • Character Voucher Edit - You can reset your Edit Vouchers for Palico and Character.
  • Equipment Index - used as a reference of which index in the array the equipped armor and weapon is.
  • Inventory - Starting address of your inventory, this will not be expanded.
  • Equipment - The array of all your equipment data, and armor.
  • Layered Armor - Your transmog needs, just change as desired.
  • Monster Stats - Change monsters you have captured, killed, and sizes (doesn't affect achievements after).
  • Discovered Items - Items and Materials you have discovered during the game (the info text appears for the first time).
  • Endemic Life - Edit the captured endemic critters for your room needs.
  • Palico - Edit palico data such as names, and gadget experience.
  • Botanist - Edit the botanist cultivation times and uses.
  • NPC Flags - Research information regarding NPC Flags (Only use for Research)
  • Achievements - Edit unlocked achievements.
  • Steamworks - Edit basic steamworks data and fuel.
  • Unity / Pawswap - Edit the treasure hunts collected.
  • Guiding Lands - Full fledged editor for editing the monsters and levels that appear.

Special Thanks
Asterisk - For guidance on data on MHW, and allowing me to be part of the modding community.
Fandirus - For not yet having hit me with a Ban Hammer, yet... also helping out with data.
Dallagen - For assisting in memory offsets, and finding specific params that were otherwise unknown to me.
Stracker - For the Stracker mod, and its amazing CRC bypass without killing the game.
Pox911 - For updating the Gathering Script.
Faith - For additional updates on data structures, string dumps, and Compact mode!
Dave - For FOV and other sublets of data.

You - For not being a typical dingus, and using it online with plebs (I hope).

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* WARNING: The modification of this data actively affects your Save Data, by modifying this data you agree that you are fully responsible for the loss, corruption, and misuse of said data. We are not obligated to fix your save data should you lose or damage it in the process. These functions can and will corrupt your data in this manner if used improperly. Consult with experts at Fearless for more information! DO NOT USE ONLINE!