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About this mod

Adds Crimson Fatalis into the game without replacing or affecting any other monster, it also adds Old World Inspired items for fashion into the game.

Permissions and credits
Returning Monster: Crimson Fatalis

This mod is the second addition to the game under the title "Resurgence" which will release as a compilation of old and new monsters, such is Crimson Fatalis, the red scaled, scorched, fury filled Variant of Fatalis, its weapons, two armor sets, palico gear, a pendant and a house statue.

This mod Will not replace the Original Black Fatalis, you can find the quest on the Optional Master Rank 6★ under the name "A Fury to Rival a Volcano", this mod is also compatible with Our White Fatalis.

Optional Settings

- If you install this mod's .nbnk while having White Fatalis installed, the music loops from White's theme wont sound correctly. If you want to fix this issue, go to "nativePC\sound\wwise\Windows", delete or rename to something else your "bgm_ingame_cmn.nbnk" and rename "bgm_ingame_cmn-WhiteCompatible.nbnk" to "bgm_ingame_cmn.nbnk".

- Depending on people's saturation settings, the aura from the second phase may be lackluster or way too red. If this is your case, you can customize this in case you feel it needs more or less saturation. To do this, you can go to "nativePC\vfx\mhwr\em\em013_01\efx", delete or rename to something else your "igneumAura.efx" and use "igneumAura-Desaturated.efx" or "igneumAura-Saturated.efx" renaming the desired option to "igneumAura.efx".

Lore (for fun, skip if you are not intrested)

It's been a few weeks after your slaying of the Fatewyrm at Schrade. There have been people talking for a while of unnatural monster behavior in the Elders Recess from elder dragons being agitated, monsters fleeing and ignoring territories, to endemic life being absent. Until one day the Gajalaka sent a messenger requesting help; head biologist Akame sent her first contact hunter to investigate, and when Lyra returned, she insisted that what she had to say was "For the Sapphire Star's ears alone".


Crimson Fatalis habitat has encouraged its body to change resistances: 

Crimson Fatalis uses Fatalis as a base, but does not replace any monsters in the game. However, some of the things we have included are required to replace game assets. For example, the music. For this reason, we have provided optional files that let you choose what you want affected. You can get the full monster experience with nothing overwritten if you wish. Also, we made Crimson Fatalis be able to get stunned, since it didn’t really make sense at all for it to not be stunnable having in mind how huge the stunning mechanics are for some weapons. We blocked the regular entrance as we wanted more of an arena feel for the fight. You can enter the fight throw the hitch posts we have provided in the camps. Finally, Crimson's body heat increases as the fight is near its end and so, it gets progressively more dangerous. (Hint: break the horns at least one time for better chances at survival and/or use the skill heatguard).

Playable Content

Two quests:
A Fury to Rival a Volcano. It is selectable from the highest star rating in the MR quest list. Gives 1 guaranteed Fatalis Evil Eye upon completion.
A Fury to Rival a Volcano - Event Difficulty. Higher stats version of the quest mentioned before for people that want a harder experience after mastering the first one.

Two versions of an armor inspired by Crimson Fatalis. We really didn't like the original armor enough to make a world quality one from scratch. This replaces Shara Ishvaldas alpha armor (color customizable) and beta (glowing emissions).

Every weapon has a Crimson Fatalis version. Every weapon is slightly edited outside of the texture edit to give them more of a unique feel.
The weapons replace Shara Ishvalda's.

A pendant inspired by Crimson Fatalis, replaces the Kjàar one.

House Statue:
A house statue of Crimson Fatalis replacing Shara Ishvalda's naked statue.

Palico equipment:
Two versions of the Fatalis felyne armor replacing Namielle's armor and Shara Ishvalda's.

Elders Recess has been edited so that the Teostra lair can serve as an arena for Crimson Fatalis and hitch posts were added to reach it.
A edited and sped up version of the MH4U G rank Crimson Fatalis theme replacing the Elders Recess music.


You cannot use anything of this mod without permission from either Akinusuka, LyraVeil, NekotagaYuhatora or FateX, be it for editing our mod or for creating your own mod.


  1. Install Stracker's Loader  at your installation folder "Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World"
  2. Install the performance Booster at your installation folder "Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World"
  3. Once you download the mod, drag and drop the “nativepc” folder in your install location usually at: “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World”. Optional files have the same installation path, except for one extra step. Choose the version you want from the downloads tab and inside is the “nativepc” folder. After that, it’s the same process.

The Resurgence Head Team

Akinusuka: Models, textures and physics, music. - Nexus
LyraVeil: Models, animations, trailer. - Nexus
NekotagaYuhatora: Quests, attacks, patterns, visual effects, map editing, file cleanup. - Nexus

With the help from

FateX: Implementation of sounds and music. - Nexus
Stracker: The loader of course but also fixing things we requested for Crimson Fatalis to work. - Nexus
Silvris: Mpi editing help and sound editing tips. - Nexus
Fexty: Provided Plugins that made the creation of Crimson Fatalis a lot easier.
Dave uRrr: Help with the map edits and created the camera plugin we use to shoot trailers. - Nexus

Testers & Streamers

AkantoreX. - Twitch - Youtube
AngBata11. - Twitch - Youtube
CantaPerMe. - Twitch
CilbraxGaming. - Youtube
Fatalisrx. - Twitch
Fayetalis. - Twitch
Hollow Shiro
Iolas. - Twitch
Kyay. - Twitch
Mace ya Face. - Nexus
RamosNetwork. - Youtube
Regal Eagle. - Twitch
SaraRobin. - Twitch
Sytherias. - Twitch
Yuuka Kelly. - Youtube
Zabaglione. - Nexus


Arabian - X
Chinese (both) - SullivanTee. - Twitch
French/Italian - The big fork
German - Sytherias. - Twitch
Japanese - Charles Titor
Korean - FEW_CEO
Polish - X
Portuguese - X
Russian - X
Spanish - NekotagaYuhatora

Extra credits

Asterisk: tools creation and sharing. - Nexus
JodoZT: texture converter. - Nexus
NackDN: Advice and tips for Ai editing. - Nexus
Fandirus: Advice and tips for Ai editing. - Nexus
IIICrimsonIII: Advice and tips for vfx creation. - Nexus
MoonBunnie: CRC bypass. - Patreon
WolfyMelon: letting us use her music. - Youtube cover
CrimsonMiralis and Hariaka: encouragement and information. - CrimsonMiralis's Nexus.

Our Other Monsters


You can find White Fatalis here: , but the rest of our monsters will be given in our discord here:, if you just want the mod you can join to grab the files, but the discord will also serve as a chill hub for us to communicate easier with people and as a hunting hub for hunts containing our monsters.

Contact info

Resurgence is a passion project but we also are willing to make monsters for people. If you are interested in a monster, armor, weapon or something
of that nature you can contact either of us here: 

- Akinusuka: Akko#0001
- NekotagaYuhatora: NekotagaYuhatora#5519
- LyraVeil: Lyra#8862

Other links for getting updated and supporting us:
MHWResurgence Youtube:
MHWResurgence Twitter:
MHWResurgence Patreon: