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Adds all items to the shop but separated in files to have a more sorted assortment.
Iceborne compatible.

Permissions and credits
Stracker's Loader is required to use this mod!!

Adds all items (consumables, combo materials, monster materials, decorations, etc...) to the item shop to buy.

The game can't load more than 255 items from the file therefore I had to split everything into multiple files.
Each file contains different items that were sorted by type.
I've included an Excel Sheet with all items, their IDs and sorting type.
If you don't like the sorting, I've also included all items sorted by item IDs. Just take a look at the Excel Sheet or here for the IDs.

If you find any item that's missing or misplaced in the sorted files or have any suggestion to improve the sorting, let me know in the comments, as message on Nexusmods forums or as DM on Discord (Croxa#0730).

Items are separated in 12 different files:

1. Utils
- contains most of the consumables and combo materials.

2. Monster Materials (Low Rank)
- contains all materials that are only obtainable in Low Rank missions.

3. Monster Materials (High Rank)
- contains all materials that are obtainable in both High and Low Rank and only High Rank missions.

4. Monster Materials (Master Rank)
- contains most materials that are obtainable in Master Rank missions.

5. Monster Materials (Master Rank DLC)
- contains all materials from DLC monsters such as Rajang.

6. Monster Materials (Master Rank Elders)
- contains all Elder Dragon materials that are obtainable in Master Rank missions.

7. Monster Materials (Guiding Lands)
- contains all materials that are obtainable in the Guiding Lands.

8. Decos
- contains all Rank 1 to Rank 3 jewels and the new Rank 4 jewels with multiple skill levels.

9. Combi Decos
- contains all new Rank 4 combi-jewels with multiple skills.

10. Other
- contains various other items such as Feystones, Streamstones, Fireworks and more.

11. Tickets
- contains all tickets/vouchers/etc. such as Nergigante Ticket,
Gourmet Voucher, Celestial Wyverian Print, etc...

12. Trade-in
- contains various Trade-in items that can be resold.

!!! Important !!!
Yes, you can use this even without owning Monser Hunter World: Iceborne.
Your game won't crash or anything else happens if you did everything just as explained.
Iceborne items will be displayed normally and you can buy and use them.

If you plan on buying/using Iceborne items without owning Iceborne backup your save file.
!!! Important !!!

How to install:

1. Install Stracker's Loader
2. Move the nativePC folder to your installation folder of Monster Hunter: World (usually: .\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World)
3. Navigate into .\nativePC\common\facility
4. Add and rename your desired file to "shopList.slt" (just remove the _[desc])
5. ???
6. Profit

How to uninstall:

Just remove the whole nativePC folder (or just the .\common\facility directory if you're using other mods) or rename the shopList.slt file to its original name (has to be anything different than "shopList.slt" so the game doesn't load it).


Massive thanks to @MHVuze!

Used MHWNoChunk by Jodo to decompress the binary files of Monster Hunter: World.