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This mod will replace Booming Barrage + Dios Edge(Brachydios SnS).

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Hail to ya.
This weapon from viking era  will replace Booming Barrage + Dios Edge(Brachydios SnS).
I think this weapon could be quite popular thanks to the mass culture.
Shield grip is fixed in correct position.
Use it as layered if you can afford such luxury functions.
Installation and usage(IMPORTANT!):
There are several ways to install my mods:
First(easiest but not for everyone cuz not everyone has time to farm for that specific item):
  1. Just drag and drop onto your NativePC
  2. I'm well aware that all people want to use it like meta weapon(or any weapon), so please use in-game layered weapon system to obtain it
Second(for everyone, but a bit harder):
  1. Use the transmod tool. See the description of the mod and follow it steps carefully:
  2. Weapon Transmog Tool
CREDITS FOR CREATING THIS MODEL GOES TO Triternion Studio which created Mordhau game.
Special thanks to:
JodoZT - for texture converter and noChunk
AsteriskAmpersand - for blender plug-in

List of my other weponary mods:

List of recommended mods to use with my weponary mods: - Bloody Broken Parts - Blood efx - Critical hit flash EFX removal - final form reshade(i play with it and you can see it on every screenshot i've made)