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WIP Weapon Balance Overhaul for all weapons and moves in MHW.
Viable Hunting Horn? No Problem!
Aerial Insect Glaive? Here you go!
Dragon Piercer? More than a meme!
Feedback always welcome!!

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Ever felt like certain moves (like helm splitter, dragon piercer, ....) are just memes?
Ever felt sad, that hunting horns (and lances) are so underwhelmingly bad, you can not be bothered to pick them up?
Got sick of just spamming Perfect Rush on Sword and Shield 24/7?
Want to have fun using Aerial Insect Glaive without feeling bad for your team about how little of damage you do?

Then this mod is for you!

Note: If you do not like some changes made to a weapon, you can just delete the correlating folder, and use the ones you agree with. For example SnS folder name is \nativePC\hm\wp\wp01. Removing wp01 will remove all changes to the SnS. Just grab whatever you like. The folder names are listed down below in the change log, next to the weapon name.

This mod has 2 goals:
1) Balance the weaker weapons to come closer to the meta dps

2) Add more variety to the weapons by making the underused moves worth using (Aerial Insect Glaive, Dragon Piercer, Sns anything but Perfect rush, .........)

This mod is a WIP (work in progress) and balancing all the movesets in the game is a rather difficult task.
Note that iam not professional in this game, and some of the changes will most likely turn out to be to strong/ exploitable.
So iam more than happy for any feedback and suggestions for improvement!!

This mod is multiplayer compatible! I have played trough the entire iceborne campaign with it.

Full list of changes:
(Motion value basically is the damage done in % of the weapon RAW attack. A motion increase from 20% to 40% basically dubbles the raw damage of an attack)

Insect Glaive: (wp10)
- Air Decending Thrust                                                           (28 + 42 -> 50 + 50 Motion)  (1.0 -> 1.8 Partbreaker)
- other Aerial Attacks                                                             (+30% Motion)
- tornado slash combo finisher                                            (42 -> 63 Motion,  8 -> 16 Flinch)

Beeing able to "fly" around with IS has always been fun. However the low damage kinda forced you to stay on ground......

- damage increase to regular attacks                                  (20 -> 25 Motion)
- leaping thrust                                                                       (8   -> 15 Motion)   (0.3 -> 1.0 Element)
- counter thrust                                                                      (40 -> 85 Motion)  ; also changed the hit lag visuals to make it feel like a powerfull attack
- charge attack on max speed                                              (50 -> 100 Motion)
- partbreaking bonus on most attacks                                (1.0 -> 1.1  normal attacks, 1.0 -> 1.8 charge attack & counter thrust)

Personally i like playing Lance sometimes. However it always felt like a little smth was missing.

SnS: (wp01)
- left mouse button finisher                                                 (+35% Motion)
- roundslash and shieldbash finisher                                 (+30% Motion)
- charged slash                                                                     (+40%)
- falling shield bash attack                                                  (+35% Motion & Stun)
- helm breaker                                                                      (14 -> 20 Motion) (1.0 -> 1.5 Part Breaker)  

Lets be honest. Who the f.... uses anything but perfect rush on SnS? It basically has more than dubble the dps than anything else. The charged slash (right mouse button hold) is outright garbage compared to perfect rush. Therefore the damage increase.
I love the helm breaker, it has the most OP animation in MHW. It makes me sad everytime how the damage does not justify using this gorgeous move....

Bow: (wp11)
- dragon piercer                                                                   (24 -> 50 motion lvl 4 charge) (1.0 -> 1.5 Part Breaker)
- thousand dragons                                                             (19 -> 30 motion)

Not much to say here. Dragon Piercer is a meme. Super long animation, you are locked in place, and even if you happen to hit, it deals no damage.
Similar with Th. Dragons. Mostly you need your slinger ammo for flinch shots and good slinger ammo does'nt come lying around. ^_^

Hunting Horn: (wp05)
- damage buff for most attacks                                             (+ 35%)
- Physical attacks also get partbreaker bonus                     (1.0 -> 1.1)
- performance & encore elemental & status                         (1.0 -> 3.0 performance; 1.0 -> 5.0 encore)

Hunting Horn is very underwhelming overall. Exhaust damage has no effect on any
elder dragon (sadly) and the damage is just garbage xD

Dual Swords: (wp02)
- walljump attack                                                                (+25% Motion)

Great Sword: (wp00)
- plunging thrust (slide attack)                                          (+30% Motion)

Switch Axe, Charge Blade and Long Sword will follow soon. Have not played them that much yet. Suggestions are welcome!

If something does not seem to be working, please report back to me and ill fix it!
Enjoy :D