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This weapon will replace Shara Ishvalda's Two-handed sword: Immovable Dharma

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This sword replaces Shara Ishvalda's Two-handed sword: Immovable Dharma. You can use it as layered weapon too, if you like. 
Model of the sword is high-poly and the textures have pretty high quality. Looks lovely in game.
I'm not sure if there were any damascus two-handed swords like this in reality but damascus texture is just looks more interesting.
Also, you are welcome to check my other mods: mod page

If you're looking specifically for GS variants, here is the list:
Magical Claymore
Damascus Greatsword
Cursed Iron
Installation and usage(IMPORTANT!):
There are several ways to install my mods:
First(easiest but not for everyone cuz not everyone has time to farm for that specific item):
  1. Just drag and drop onto your NativePC
  2. I'm well aware that all people want to use it like meta weapon(or any weapon), so please use in-game layered weapon system to obtain it
Second(for everyone, but a bit harder):
  1. Use the transmod tool. See the description of the mod and follow it steps carefully:
  2. Weapon Transmog Tool
Special thanks to:
Moraelin - for the model and textures

JodoZT - for texture converter and noChunk
AsteriskAmpersand - for blender plug-in
List of recommended mods to use with my weponary mods: - Bloody Broken Parts - Blood efx - Critical hit flash EFX removal - final form reshade(i play with it and you can see it on every screenshot i've made)
Version history:
upd 21.06 - Ver 1.1 - longsword grip position has been fixed