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Ori becomes your palico! This adorable spirit is from the games Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. There are versions for Moogle, Nekker, and Shara Ishvalda palico armor.

Permissions and credits
Download and extract the Ori Palico zip file of the armor set you want. Then, copy the nativePC folder to the game's root directory (e.g. .../Steam/steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World/nativePC/...)

This mod works in both base game and Iceborne DLC.

OPTIONAL: This mod now contains sound effects for Ori! To hear Ori in the game, install Stracker's Loader. It will properly load the sound files from the mod.

After seeing some palico mods for this great game, I went ahead and created this mod. I used my Ori model that I made from scratch using Blender and modified the Moogle / Nekker armor mod3 files. The model is rigged to follow the palico animation in game and in cutscenes (except for facial expressions). I also modified the emission properties in the mrl3 files to make Ori glow in the game. The glow effect dampens if Ori is in a dark area and disappears if covered in snow (you can remove the snow effect by installing the snow removal mod).

The mod contains sound files only for the Moogle and Nekker versions. They play during cutscenes and in-game. The mod also contains physics properties (available in all versions) applied to Ori's ears so they move more naturally.

There are some differences between the armor versions:
  • The head and body for the Shara Ishvalda version can be separated. That way, you can have Ori wear a coat!
  • The sound effects used are the same, but will play certain ones at different times.
  • The sound effects are only available for the Nekker and Moogle versions.

There are some things I can think of to improve the mod:
  • Improve the material settings and model rig.
  • Add physics properties to tail and "horns".
  • Implement facial expressions.

I would like to thank:

I hope you enjoy this mod!