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Fixed shitzones. I also slightly changed rage build up so rage mode starts faster and lasts longer. Forget clutch claw exists. Have fun.

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Fix Iceborne's terrible decision of making all hitzones bad in order to force you to use claw tenderizing.

This is a work in progress, so I  didn't fix all the monsters yet (there are some which already have pretty balanced hitzones IMO, others I honestly just don't care about like Safi or the smaller meme monsters).

This mod is not a cheat to make all hitzones become 90. You can do that if you want, but this is not what I'm doing: the idea behind it was to follow the Hunter's Notes as much as possible, just slightly buffing some hitzones (way below the damage bonus given by claw tenderizing, which is far more generous, mind you) to make weakspots become actually weakspots without tenderizing. I also followed hitzone tables from old MH games to make the changes whenever I could. You can still tenderize, but that is now optional for doing decent damage. For those monsters where I couldn't find a decent
hitzone to fix, I increased the elemental hitzone instead, so you can at least have some option when raw hitzones are overall just not good. Finally, I've changed rage build up so you can enrage the monster faster and to make rage mode last longer, that way you don't need to slap the monster three times every time rage goes away. All of this so you can forget about all of these stupid gimmicks and just go hunt a monster.

If you don't like it, don't use it. I don't care what you think. AFAIK, this only works solo, unless everyone has the mod installed on their PC, but in doubt, don't use this kind of mod in multiplayer etc etc, you're not a baby. I don't need to explain that. This mod is far from broken, and actually I expect hunting times solo to increase if you never use claw tenderize with it. Maybe I will introduce the missing monsters in the future, maybe not. If you want to
do some other change, learn how to use the Editor and do it yourself.

An overview of what this mod changes:

Glavenus/Acidic Glavenus: slightly increases head's sever/blunt/shot hitzones to match. Also increases sever HZV on the legs according to MHXX hitzone table for this monster.

Banbaro: Increased sever hitzone on it's legs. Increased shot hitzone on it's head.

Barioth: Increased sever and shot hitzone on the claws and forelegs. Removed the annoying thing where their fire HZV would decrease after breaking. Increased blunt HZV on the head.

Diablos/Black Diablos: Increased sever HZV on the legs. Increased shot HZV on the wings. Increased blunt HZV on the head. Elemental hitzones unchanged.

Blackveil Vaal: Increased sever hitzone on the forelegs and chest. Increased blunt hitzone on forelegs. Increased overall fire hitzones.

Brachydios: Increased sever/blunt/shot HZV on the arms.

Coral Pukei: Increased sever hitzone on the legs and tail. Increased shot HZV on wings,

Ebony Odogaron: Increased sever/blunt/shot HZV on the forelegs.

Odogaron: Restored HZV back to base World's values.

Fulgur Anjanath: Now it's legs are a good sever hitzone during charged state.

Rajang/Furious Rajang: Restored HZV back to old world values. No more monkey shitzones and having to resort to stickies as a pleb to kill them.

Metal Raths: Increased sever HZV on the legs. Increased shot and elemental HZV on the wings. After broken, their head is permanently tenderized.

Legiana/Shrieking Legiana: Increased shot HZV on wings. Slightly increased respective elemental hitzones.

Lunastra: Increased sever and blunt HZV on the head. Introduced a 45 sever HZV on the forelegs. Good luck.

Namielle: Removed dehydration. Now it's fire HZV on heads and wings are permanently good. This mechanic is actually pretty idiotic.

Nargacuga: Increased blunt HZV on head. Now it's broken forelegs have a 45 sever HZV. Increased elemental hitzones over the body.

Raths in general: Increased sever HZV on legs back to what it was on base World.

Raging Brach: Increased sever HZV on legs.

Savage Deviljho: Increased sever HZV on chest. When the chest breaks, it's permanently tenderized.

Seething Bazelgeuse: Increased sever HZV on legs. Increased shot HZV on the head.

Shara Ishvalda: Increased shot HZV on the head and sever HZV on forelegs. Naked phase only. Rock phase is unchanged.

Zinogre: Increased sever/blunt HZV on forelegs. Increased shot HZV on head. Further increased those in charged state.

Velkhana: Slightly increased sever and blunt HZV on the head. When the head breaks, it's permanently tenderized.

Teostra: Slightly increased sever HZV on the head.

How to install:

Drop the em folder into MHW instalation folder under NativePC. As usual, this mods requires Stracker's Loader. It might become obsolete on future updates, but I'm not sure. To uninstall, just delete the em folder.

Other recommendations:

Naruga's clagger removal to delete this robotic mechanic from the game and further enhance your experience of forgetting the existence of clutch claw.

One Finisher Tenderizing. This one is pretty clear.

Any other currently working mod that restores Weakness Exploit to base World values.

Thanks to the MHW Modding Discord for their help and of course to Jodo's MHWNoChunk, Synthlight's MHW Editor and Stracker's Loader without nothing of this would be possible (at least for me)