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Simple AHK macro to quickly toggle your helmet between hidden or shown.

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As requested by Roir of the Adopt A Hunter Discord, this is a simple AHK macro that will toggle your helmet's visibility on or off.

On first run, it'll prompt you to set your current helmet status, either Show or Hide. Once that's set, it'll create a wee .ini in its current directory to keep track of that; you won't be prompted again in the future (unless it's separated from that file). Afterwards, simply press ALT+HOME at any time the menu is accessible and it'll do the rest.
Like any AHK script, you can exit it via its icon in the task bar tray.

A compatibility note: Although I've tried to make it scale its clicks appropriately for different displays, I can't guarantee perfection on displays that aren't 1080p. If it becomes enough of an issue, I can take the less lazy approach of doing a version using keyboard inputs (for some reason MHW won't accept non-alphanumeric inputs from AHK unless they're sent as individual key-downs and key-ups).