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Lowers the ponytail on the tight ponytail hairstyle. Now with collision issues fixed.

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Lowers the ponytail on the tight ponytail hairstyle. I always wanted to see if it'd look better this way, so I tried making it. Blender kept glitching during editing and I had to redo it around 10 times.

I also recommend using this face texture for cleaner face.

Warning: This forces use of the high polygon mesh (ie. no LOD). Depending on your system, it may negatively impact your frame rate.

- Fixed the clipping issue. It was a physics file problem, but I also redid the ponytail mesh again. So it's slightly different from the old images in the gallery.
- Note that there's still some issues of strands clipping through. That seems to be more of a weighting problem than anything else.
- Added two long variations.
- Fixed hair clipping through the entire body. I was using the wrong CCL file.
- Moved the bones to match the modified mesh.

Unzip the archive (with folders) into Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\
If you want to replace a different hairstyle, you can try renaming the folder and files from 105 to any number between 100 and 112.

If you want to revert to the original, simply delete the mod files in NativePC\wp\pl\hair\hair105\

Thanks to Vuze for the unpacking tools, daemon1's raw texture converter (correct offset values are usually 100 ,108, 110, 118),  MHWTexConvert for converting DDS to BC7, MT Framework tools by Predator for importing as reference, and CrazyT's BlenderMhwModelImporter.