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Replace some of the objects in the botanical garden with more useful objects, like Arena's coins, Melding Tickets, Golden Egg...

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Stracker's Loader required!

Replace some of the objects in the botanical garden with more useful objects

Now several files are available, each with its own theme! :)
(Note : Some files contain basic objects, such as Herb or Antidote Herb)
(Use Ctrl+F for find a item ;))

  • Author's choice :
  • Contains my favourite items, which I find useful, a bit junk but contains several things
  • Since the 9th February 2020, Arena's Coins are also inclued!
  • Since the 02/21/2020, the Author's Choice original is back! You can download a file for my choice, for the coins OR for my choice and the coins :)
  • Since the 20/03/2020, the "Dracolite" items (For the Safi'Jiiva) are now inclued ! :D

  • Contains : Bushi Ticket, Celestial Wyverian Print, Dragonvein Coal Chunk, Golden Egg, Gourmet Voucher, Gratitude Ticket, VIP Gratitude Ticket, Great Spiritvein Gem, Kelbi Horn, True Armor Sphere, Steel/Silver/Gold/Astral Meling Ticket
  • Contains : Ace Hunter Coin, Banbaro Coin, Barroth Coin, Black Belt Coin, Brute Coin, Flying Coin, Kulu Coin, Gama Coin, Glavenus Coin, Hero King Coin, Hunter King Coin, Nargacuga Coin, Odoragon Coin, Paolumu Coin, Pinnacle Coin, Pukei Coin, Rathalos Coin, Rathian Coin, Tigrex Coin, Tzitzi Coin, Zinogre Coin

  • Fishing Item :
  • Contains objects obtained by fishing, and objects useful for fishing

  • Contains : Arowana Bait, (Great) Bomb Arowana Scale, (Great) Burst Arowana Scale, Farcaster, Goldenfish Bait, Gunpowderfish Bait, (Great) Gunpowderfish Scale, Whetfish Fin(+), (Great) Sushifish Scale

  • Tickets and event items
  • Various tickets and items that can be obtained via event quests

  • Contains : Azure Star Shard, Azure Stargem, Automn Harvest Festival, Beetle Ticket, Black Bandage, Black Crystal Ticket, Boaboa Ticket, Bushi Ticket, (High) Commendation, Faux Ticket (I, II, III), Fest Ticket, Freezer Ticket, (VIP) Gratitude Ticket, Kirin Ticket, Kulu-Ya-Ku Ticket, Kushala Daora Ticket, Master Craftman's Blueprint, Mega Man Ticket, Red Orb, Spring Insect Field Guide, Steel/Silver/Gold/Astral Melding Ticket, Steel/Silver/Gold Wyverian Print, Senu's Feather, Summer Insect Field Guide, Summer Twilight Ticket, Steam Ticket, Teostra Ticket, Thermae Ticket, Vaal Hazak Ticket, Wiggler Ticket, Winter Star Ticket, Xeno'Jiiva Ticket, Zorah Magdaros Ticket

  • For install

Just grab the NativePC folder in the game folder (next to monsterhunterworld.exe)

  • For uninstall

Just delete the file "NativePC/common/plant/plant_item.plit"

  • All objects are categorized as plants! So the bonuses are the same!
  • All items are available, even without having had one beforehand!
  • Some basic items (Herb, Antidote Herb etc...) are kept, in case
  • I have already tried to set the ID 0 object to empty the slot : No effect
  • The objects "zennys" and "Research Points", although existing, only give objects worth 1z, they are not included
  • For the jewels, prefer to use the "Melding tickets", much more practical!
  • An item is not in the list? A suggestion for improvement? Leave a message :)

Thanks Synthlight for his mod MHW Editor
Thanks JodoZT for his mod MHWNoChunk
Thanks Zither6 for his mod Farmable Everything for the base idea, and his comment section :p