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Edit .gmd (text) files.

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Cirilla Toolkit

This tool allows you to edit .gmd (text) files.
You can only change the display text using this tool, this has no impact over any scripts/gameplay/whatever.

On Iceborne you might need to use Stracker's Loader, otherwise the game will NOT load your edited files.

Extract Monster Hunter: World's chunk files using WorldChunkTool.
Open them in this tool and edit anything you want.
Place the edited file in "Monster Hunter World\nativePC" (e.g. "Monster Hunter World\nativePC\common\text\quest\q00503_eng.gmd") for it to load ingame.

CSV Import/Export:
Open the GMD file and click in the Entries tab on Export to CSV file.
In Excel go to Data and click on From Text/CSV, make sure to select semicolon as delimiter.

Q: The tool doesn't open or crashes
A: Install .NET Framework 4.6.1

Q: Some strings are either missing or appearing at the wrong location in game
A: If the file exists in multiple chunk folders (e.g. animal_names_eng.gmd exists in both chunk0 and chunk4) you need to use the file in the chunk folder with the highest number. So in this case you would need to use animal_names_eng.gmd from the chunk4 folder.

Please tell me about any issues you might find :)