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About this mod

An overlay mod that helps keeps track of the various facilities and activities within the village and reminds you when there are pending actions you can take.

Permissions and credits
Tired of having to mentally keep track of all of the various facilities and activities you can do in the village between quests? This mod can help you with that! While the game tries its best to remind you of most of these already, they tend to come from brief notifications that only last a few seconds after returning from a quest or loading your character. Once those notifications are gone, the only way to find them again is to dig through the chat logs which can be tedious at times. With this mod, now you can have a highly-configurable persistent reminder on your screen that will go away after you've completed any pending actions.

  • Dynamic Visibility (automatically hidden in menus, cutscenes, etc.)
  • Overlay Customization
    • Anchoring
    • Colors
    • Facility and Activity Order
    • Position
    • Size
  • Supported Facilities and Activities
    • Argosy
      • Bargaining Skill Duration
      • Trade Request Idling
      • Uncollected Items
      • Rare Items Stocked (disabled by default)
    • Buddy Dojo
      • Boosts
      • Buddies (or lack thereof)
      • Idling
      • Max Level Buddies
    • Cohoot Nest
      • Uncollected Items
    • Items
      • Check Item Pouch (disabled by default)
    • Market and Guild Store
      • Lottery
      • Sale
    • Melding Pot
      • Idling
      • Orders
      • Uncollected Talismans
    • NPCs
      • Speech Bubbles by Area (when they have important dialogue, have requests, want to give you items, etc.)
      • Souvenirs from Sailor Pingarh (note: Sunbreak only)
    • Subquests
      • Active
      • Completed
      • Progress During Quests (disabled by default)

  • Install REFramework.
  • Install REFramework Direct2D. Note: Skip this step for Steam Deck/Linux/Proton.
  • Download the mod and copy the files to your MonsterHunterRise folder.

The copied files should end up something like this:


  • Does this work with other REFramework-D2D overlays?
    • I currently play with the MHR Overlay mod and have not had any issues with it. If you run into any issues with other mods, feel free to report them and I'll try to look into it if I have time.
  • Does this work on Steam Deck/Linux/Proton?
    • Yes and no. In order to work on these platforms, I had to allow you to use the mod without REFramework-D2D. Without D2D, a lot of the overlay functionalities only partially work or don't work at all. In any case, it's "good enough" to get the bare minimum working but it comes with jank and requires specific configuration. Here is an overview of the process:
      • Install REFramework and Village Reminders as normal. Also refer to this post for getting REFramework working on Steam Deck/Linux/Proton. Disregard the comment on D2D; it doesn't actually work as of the moment of writing this guide, but you're welcome to try if you want (no promises it won't just end up crashing though). If you're still having trouble setting up REFramework, please troubleshoot on that mod's page instead. I am not the owner/maintainer of REFramework and would prefer not having to do tech support for it.
      • Do not install REFramework-D2D. If you have already installed it, you must uninstall it. It should just be a simple matter of removing the autorun script and plugin file.
      • When configuring the mod, do not change the font settings. The font family should not do anything, but changing the font size may cause layout issues (note: the default is 12). Change the overlay position (base and quest) to anchor from the top left. Any other anchor will not work correctly and will likely just try to render somewhere off screen. Adjust the X and Y values as needed. Finally, set the minimum width to however large you need the background to be. If it's too small, the text may extend beyond the background. If it's too large, the background will cover more of the screen than necessary. You're going to have to decide for yourself which value is "just right."
      • Hopefully the overlay should be visible at this point. Please note that this is provided as-is and any issues regarding the layout/formatting without D2D will most likely not be addressed for the foreseeable future.
  • Who is Pingarh the Sailor?
    • Pingarh is an NPC introduced in Sunbreak that hangs around the docks in Elgado. In between quests, he may or may not give you a single free item (i.e. a souvenir) after talking to him. The indicator for when he has an item is subtle and can be easy to miss if you aren't looking for it (i.e. whether the boxes that he stands next to are empty or not). The main purpose of these items is to be sold. You'll also get a guild card award after receiving enough of them. The game doesn't explain anything about him, so all of this is based on my own understanding of his mechanics.
  • How does the Check Item Pouch reminder work?
    • The purpose of this reminder is so you don't forget to set up or restore your item loadout before your next quest. Any time you load your game or return from a quest, the reminder will appear. You can then clear it by opening any menu which shows your item pouch (e.g. from the start menu, your item box, etc.). Theoretically, once you've seen your item pouch you can then make the decision to restore a loadout, manually sort it out, or do nothing.
  • How does changing the font work?
    • The fonts that are available come from your operating system. This means that any fonts that your operating system provides by default (for example, Arial and Times New Roman tend to be provided by most operating systems) can be used. However, you can also use custom fonts as long as you install them to your operating system. Since the process can vary by operating system, you should use your preferred search engine to find a guide on how to do this (if you don't already know how).

Known Issues
  • You might get reminders for facilities that you can't actually access yet (depending on your progress). If this is the case and it bothers you, you can disable the reminder for that facility until you gain access.

  • This is mainly a personal project for myself (and also my first actual mod). You are free to make suggestions and request features, but depending on the complexity and my free time I may or may not fulfill them. Otherwise, I will do my best to fix any bugs if/when they come up.
  • I wrote this mod using a late-game character with all of the (base game) facilities available. While I did some brief testing with a brand new character, there may be some quirks that I don't know about.