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Dytser and keegars and b00marrows

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About this mod

This mod is made as a resource, This mod removes the limitation of physics on armors so that modders can add physics to any armor they want no matter if it had it originally or not.

This mod does nothing on its own. Make sure you install this BEFORE any mod that needs it.

Permissions and credits

The major 3.5 Sunbreak update is created by Keegars, He did countless hours of work both making life easier for us modders to convert stuff but also made a tool to create this kind of mod on the fly. Making it so much easier for any future update in case the game updates
and adds new things.

I only took a QA role on this big update so all the praise should go to Keegars for this!
Gamepass research was done by b00marrows and the file execution was done by Keegars


Reason being this mod will otherwise replace the other mods physics. Meaning best case scenario, funny looking physics. Worst case scenario, no physics at all.

Only install once unless there has been an update, not before every mod that needs this!

This mods entire goal is to remove the physics limitations by the game and enable mod authors to add physics to any armor they want regardless of the original model having it or not.

Now covers Helms, Body, Arms, Waists, and Legs. And now covers both MALE and FEMALE armor sets within the game.

Just to clarify again.
This mod does nothing on its own, it simply gives authors the ability to add physics to any armor's body piece if they want.

Install instructions

Very important!
Make sure as expressed in this mod page that you install this mod first and then replace the contents of this mod with any mod that depends on it.
This is due to the fact that if i didn't contain a physics file to every armor that this mod works on then it caused an endless loading screen issue due to the game looking for a file that does not exist.

You also only need to install this once and then never touch it again unless i do some needed update. But this was in testing for well over a week and we couldnt find any issues so hopefully that wont be the case.

Instructions for Authors:

Dont copy these files and re-upload. Make this mod a requirement instead.
Read more below.

Under no circumstance do I want you to just copy these files and re-upload. It took me a lot of time researching to even figure out how this works and it took even longer to set it up for every armor in the game for the sake of you mod authors being able to use it too.

So I ask you mod authors to give credit for the work that went in, But also to make sure that instead of copying the files directly, Make this mod a required mod for yours if it depends on it.

Especially when I could have kept this a secret and kept uploading files on my own using these methods instead of going out of my way to try and support our community. The only thing I ask is that I get recognition for the work that went in too.

I've tried to make sure the mod page contains enough clear instructions on how to install the mod BEFORE any mod you authors may make, but may be worthwhile making sure your users know this too.

Gamepass research by b00marrows
Gamepass Update by Keegars
3.0 Update, Tool to generate the files by Keegars

Fluffy Mod Manager By Fluffyquack
Neogenesis plugin for RE engine - AlphaZomega
RE Tool by Fluffyquack
for breaking the encryption.

for offering advice and helping me figure rise modding out. And for
making the major inspiration to this mod, The one for MHW.
for advice and general tips regarding RE engine modding and for 010 Templates to edit physics and RSZ Files

And my Testers, friends and patrons who helped make sure this project was not gonna cause issues (we hope)
Viorayne, Charnor, Virus123, Fusrokameha

As well as Atrarch and all my Patrons & friends within the community for support and motivation to do projects like this!

I have a Patreon if anyone likes to support me in making of these mods! This is by no means something i want people to feel like they have to.
ALL my mods will always be available for free here on nexus. However supporters get to suggest and give feedback while I'm working and gain access to the WIP versions as i work on the files before release.

Given my usual style of mods are NSFW i cant stress enough my Patreon is NSFW oriented.
Be advised if you decide to click the Hyperlink Image. Patreon will also warn you.