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Fitted Male Player Character Clockwork Armor Set (Master Rank) with custom sexy BMB body. Jiggle physics enabled.

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Fellow Gaymers and all who enjoy the male form, happy fashion hunting!!!


Fitted Master rank Clockwork layer armor set male armor with custom made sexy skimpy body. This armor set is unlocked by completing the "Fear in the Flooded Forest" Event Quest. 

This mod features:

-- More exposed chest and tight fitted pants
-- Jiggle physics around butt cheeks, quads, and junk
-- Optional variations
-- Streamer friendly
-- Pieces can be wear separately with most existing armor

Disclaimer: Jiggle physics are all credit to  Nude Male Buff Gamma by rx_cn uploaded by RoxCian. 

Requirement and Installation:

Use newest version of Fluffy Manager 5000

Must have Dyster's Physics Enabler install first, and overwrite with this mod, otherwise you will have infinite loading screen or missing jiggle physics.

Must have base texture pack of Better Male Body or a version of stand alone Better Male Body (Speedo/Softdog/Hotdog/Bikini) by me for custom body textures. 

Download the mod and unzip into modmanager\games\MHRISE\Mods\

Open Fluffy, make sure Physics Enabler is installed first, a version of Better Male Body installed second, and then install this mod.

My Other Mods

Next Step:
I am planning on making more sexy armor mods for boys, so feel free to leave me suggestions which armor set you want me to modify!

Support Me:
I stream monster hunter, my modding process, and other games on twitch at Finnick695


Nude Male Buff Gamma by rx_cn uploaded by RoxCian
MHR modding wiki by MHVuze
Noesis plugin for RE ENGINE by AlphaZomega
RETool by FluffyQuack, Ekey, dtlnor
MHR Tex Chopper by AsteriskAmpersand
MDF Manager by Silvris
RE Chain Editor by AlphaZomega, AsteriskAmpersand, Statyk
Physics Enabler by Dytser