Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

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The Mod was made with GrayFace modding tools and Corel Draw. The original mod was made by Big Daddy Jim and later moddified by Maestro and now by me David Hernandez. You can find GrayFace modding tools @ https://grayface.github.io/mm/#Files-from-BDJ's-site

1. Do a clean installaion of MM6 CD or GoG version.(not included)
2. Install MMEditor and MMExtension2.2 in any order (included).
3. Install the Original "The Chaos Conspiracy" (included). Overwrite all files.
4. Install GrayFace Patch.
5. Run Game (You will get a message that MMExtension is about to generate text tables. You need to wait about two to three minutes) When the MMExtension is finished, exit. Do not create party.
6. Install "The Chaos Conspiracy Redone" the same way as the original. Place the following folders into the "Might and Magic VI" folder. Overwrite all files.(ANIMS,DATA,Scripts,Music,and SOUNDS) Run the game and wait again for MMExtension. If the Music folder is not created place the one included into the "Might and Magic VI" folder. For me it did not creat the folder. You have the obtion to play mp3 or wav. Have fun.

Change Log:
1. Start with more money.
2. Store open late hours.
3. Stable and Boat travel almost everyday plus everyday area.
4. Six new quests that help prepare you better for those brutes in Kastution Waters. Three quests are at Ellesia, where you should go first. One quest is at Sutter's Bay and it will take you to two other quests.
5. New textures, sprites, and models.
6. New helmets, shields, rings, and bows.
7. Two new towns. One in "The Far Reaches" and the other in "Glacier's End". They have shops that give services and NPCs for hire.
8. Monstors drop more money and useful stuff.
9. and other changes.