Metal: Hellsinger
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Virtual reality mod for Metal:Hellsinger

Permissions and credits
VR conversion mod for Metal: Hellsinger. 6DOF VR with full motion controls and a mostly diagetic hud.

NB: Due to an issue with nexus mods, I can't currently upload the latest version here, please go to github to get the latest version, which works with the Dream of the Beast DLC

Source code and latest updates available on github.

Updates will always be released first on github

  • Locate your game's installation folder
  For steam: Library>Metal:Hellsinger>Right Click>Manage>Browse local files
  For xbox app: Metal:Hellsinger>3 dots>Manage>Files>Browse>Metal- Hellsinger>Content
  • Extract the mod zip into the top level of the game folder
  • Launch the game normally

Oculus rift

Valve index

Aspects of the mod can be configured in LivingFray.HellsingerVR.cfg, found in BepInEx/config.
  • Enabled: Disable this mod without uninstalling it
  • Left handed: One handed weapons will be held in the left hand, does not flip joystick bindings
  • Snap turn amount: COMING SOON - Will control snap turning speed, currently only smooth turning is supported
  • Movement type: VR device movement stick is relative to (head, hand, offhand)
  • Reticle location: Where the reticle/beat indicator is drawn (target, sights, head) defaults to target, which attaches the reticle to the world object currently being aimed at
  • Show health on hand: Display health bar on the offhand or floating in front of your head
  • Show ultimate on hand: Display ultimate charge bar on the offhand or floating in front of your head
  • Show fury on hand: Display fury meter on the offhand or floating in front of your head
  • Show boss on hand: Display bosses' health bars on the offhand or floating in front of your head
  • Game UI Distance: Distance from head that game UI (such as total score) is rendered
  • Menu UI Distance: Distance from head menus are rendered

Known issues
Game focus
To get past the logos/login screen the game needs to be in focus. If you can't login in (by pressing either trigger) check the game is in focus by clicking on it outside vr

Metal: Hellsinger was not designed for VR and can be quite graphically intensive. Turning down the graphics settings in game can help somewhat (going from high to mid resulted in the most noticable performance gain during testing, with going from mid to low having minimal additional impact). Using vrperfkit can help considerably at the cost of some graphical fidelity.

Delete the BepInEx folder, winhttp.dll and any other files added while installing the mod.
Verifying the game integrity through steam/xbox may also work.