Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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Let the legend come back to life. Put those nine years behind you, and return as Big Boss.

Permissions and credits

The mod allows you to play as the true Big Boss, with either the classic mullet or Venom Snake's ponytail. You can also choose between two arm styles to replace the bionic arm, if you wish. If you'd like to replace the bionic arm on a specific outfit with a specific arm style, you can download the OPTION file. Installing any of the head files also installs an alternate character select icon.


Install the files you wish to use with SnakeBite Mod Manager.

In the MAIN file, you will find HEAD and BODY folders. 
  • In the HEAD folder, you will find the MULLET, PONYTAIL and JOINT files. The MULLET file will replace Snake's head on most outfits with one without Venom Snake's horn and scars, along with using Big Boss's iconic mullet. The PONYTAIL file will do the same, while keeping the ponytail. The JOINT file will use a combination of both - the SCARF fatigues, the SNEAKING SUIT and BATTLE DRESS will use the ponytail, while the rest will use the mullet.
  • In the BODY folder, you will find the BARE ARMS and DIRECT ACTION SUIT files, which will replace the bionic arm on all of Snake's outfits with a real arm. The DIRECT ACTION SUIT file will have the arms on the NORMAL and SCARF fatigues use the under-suit Big Boss had in MGS3 and Peace Walker, while the BARE ARMS file sticks to the base game's arm style for both limbs. Each file will also replace the Knock action animation with one used by characters without a bionic arm.
  • Along with the BODY and HEAD folders, you will find the ACC PHOTOS and ARM UI REMOVAL files. You can install these to change the photos in the Aerial Command Center to show Snake without the horn and scars and to change the text and images in the UI to remove references to the bionic arm.

In the OPTION file, you will find HEAD, BODY and BODY (DIRECT ACTION SUIT) folders.
  • The HEAD file contains the very same files as the MAIN file's analogous folder.
  • In the BODY folder, you will find different files that each replace the bionic arm on separate outfits. The BODY (DIRECT ACTION SUIT) folder contains the versions of the NORMAL and SCARF files that use the under-suit arm style while replacing the bionic arm on those outfits.
  • Aside from these folders, you will find the same two files as the MAIN file, along with a third - the KNOCK ANIMATION SWAP file. This file will only replace the bionic arm knocking action animation, just like the BODY files in the MAIN file.


Q: "How do I install this?" 
A: With SnakeBite Mod Manager.

Q: "Can I install manually, like with QAR Tool or GzsTool?"
A: No.

Q: "Your mod is incompatible with ____________, fix it!"
A: Use the OPTION file to install specific outfits that the mod doesn't conflict with.

Q: "Does this replace Snake, or the Avatar?"
A: This mod replaces Snake. However, installing any of the arms files will replace the arms for the avatar, too.

Q: "Does this mod affect Snake's bionic arm abilities?"
A: "All bionic arm abilities are still technically usable in game, but the Rocket and Blast arm projectiles are invisible."

Q: "Will you pleeeeeeeeeeease add __________?"
A: No.

You are free to use any part of TMWSTW as a base for your own mods, as long as credit is given to Team Naked. However, redistributing the files unedited isn't allowed. If your mod requires those files, direct downloaders to use the OPTION file here. 


v7 (28/05/2023):
  • +Added real arm replacer support for the following outfits: GOLD (NAKED), SILVER (NAKED) and HOSPTIAL.
  • +Added OldBoss's ACC PHOTOS and ARM UI REMOVAL files, which replace the photos in the Aerial Command Center and remove UI elements related to the bionic arm.
  • +Added an OPTION file that contains every outfit and feature in separate installation files.
  • *Fixed the Knock action animation.
  • *The real arm on every outfit can now be covered in blood, dust or water.
  • *Rocket and Blast Arms are now also replaced by a real arm on every outfit.
  • *Added tail back on all the outfits that originally had them.
v7.1 (16/01/2024):
  • +Added .frdv helper bone drivers that support tension maps on the left arm on NAKED, NORMAL, SCARF, GOLD (NAKED) and SILVER (NAKED) outfits, edited with with FrdvTool.
  • +Replaced the hair .sim physics file on the SV SNEAKING SUIT outfit to support both PONYTAIL and MULLET hairstyles.


None of these mods are required to enjoy The Man Who Sold the World, but they offer a bit of variety if you're wishing to spice things up. 

Naked Snake (plus variations), by Team Naked
Peace Walker Fatigues, by CapLagRobin
, by JimLafleur
Peace Walker Snake, by FrankensteinKappa
Undersuit with Bionic Arms, by Vergilfox


- SoullessMadness and DragonRisingII for gifting the DLC to Seph. It was a huge help in testing the DLC outfits so thank you to them.
- AlexScorpion for allowing us to use his bandana textures in previous versions of this mod. Huge thanks to him for that.
- Shigu, for providing bandana normal maps and the ponytail character select portrait.
Jaquelyn for providing the fix to the bandana's normal maps, as well as the undersuit textures.  
- DarkVentus, for providing the old mullet character select portrait.
- BobDoleOwnedU, for fixing a crashing issue. 
- FrankensteinKappa, for providing the current bandana normal maps.

Thank you very much, and we hope you enjoy the mod.