Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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Maximizes number of plants and processed resource materials harvested for instant farming

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This mod maximizes the amount obtained from harvesting plants and processed resource materials for easy instant farming (obtaining one of each resources once or twice should max out your resources). Since Precious Metals, Haoma and Digitalis (Lutea) are scarce throughout the maps, the amount is increased to x10. Large containers and diamonds are not affected by this mod.

  1. While collecting resources, it may display a set number of resources obtained due to the text limitation, but when you return to ACC, your resources should reach the maximum amount.
  2. If you require offline/online GMP, simply sell your resources (e.g: Precious Metals) until your GMP is at the maximum for development purposes.

  1. Run SnakeBite.
  2. Click 'Mods' (not the slider)
  3. Highlight 'Maximum Resources v1.0'
  4. Click 'Install .MGSV'
  5. Launch the game

1. This mod is not compatible with Infinite Heaven mod. Infinite Heaven resource changes will take priority if installed together.
2. The processed materials/resources each gives you 99999
3. Other plants only include only 9999 as from what I've checked, maximum amount is around 6000.
4. Each rare processed materials (Precious Metals) gives you 999999 (Made it extra since the availability is scarce)
5. Each rare plants (Haoma and Digitalis Lutea) also gives you 99999

This mod is based from More Resources and better harvest by Blejky.