Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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More Resources and better harvest MOD + Large container mod.

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  • English
- Mod works with patch

Simple.This mod gives more resources when picking up small material
containers and plants.
I made this mod because of the requirements for the new weapons in the online development section witch  in my opinion are insane.

NOTE: If you already have avatar unlocked than you are fine if not first use Unlocked Avatar mod because it will remain unlocked even if you  remove the mod. Than put More Resources and better harvest MOD mod in.
Do not forget forget to start the game first when you use Unlocked Avatar ,then save the game and exit.

Large container mod . White cjavascript-event-stripped7.500  Red cjavascript-event-stripped10.000 resources

NOTE: If you are using Mods like The Blessed Mother Base   - OR - Remove Time Limits mod  - this mod (Large containers) will override others.

Diamonds Mod -  Small ones gives 350.000  - Large ones 1.500.000

NOTE:  This mod will conflict with any mod that uses following lua files:

   - TppDefine.lua

1. Backup 00.dat in master/0 folder.
2. Unpack 00.dat using QAR Tool. Make sure you have the latest dictionary from
3. Copy contents from download into the newly created 00 folder.
4. Re-pack 00.dat with QAR Tool.
5. Play game