Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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This mod will increase the slots in your motherbase and your FOB's.

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You can find the original mod here: Mother Base Blessed Facilities


Mother Base Blessed Facilities Mod

This mod increases the capacity of each facility of your Mother Base as:

Mother Base:
1st Upgrade: 170 (is already on, if you get your facility the first time)
2nd Upgrade: 200
3rd Upgrade: 300
4th Upgrade: 300

Upgrade on each step: 100

A total of 1280 unit-slots for each facility, exceptional for "Guard", which is limited to 400.

As well the built-time scheduling has been stomped down to "0 minutes".
FOB base upgrades do always grant 100 units (instead of 5).

This mod is more for people playing the singleplayer mode only.

No fresh savegame required!

Have fun and best regards

I am not the Author of this mod, I just made a snakebite version and uploaded it for all the people who are using Snakebite.

I am not in charge, nor chargeable, if you are going online with having essential aspects of the game modded, which
includes stuff like Mother Base capacity increase (likely for the Guard
Facility), weapon damage increase, infinite item usage, damage
reduction, etc. and getting instantly warned/banned!
I would suggest and recommend using this mod, and such kind of, only on SINGLEPLAYER!

You can find the original mod here: Mother Base Blessed Facilities