Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Once again, Snake heads into battle... alone.

Permissions and credits
Originally ripped based off Shigu's Solid Snake mod that wasn't ever released. Wasn't trying to steal his idea or design or anything, just thought I'd try to recreate it so I and other people could play with it too. Then it just rolled on and on.

Standalone statuses:
MG1 Solid Snake: Last version v1r2 released on 02.07.19 Doesn't really suck!
MG2 Solid Snake: Last version v1r2 released on 02.07.19 Doesn't really suck!
MGS1 Solid Snake
: Last version v2r1 released on 13.04.19 Doesn't really suck!
MGS1 Solid Snake Naked: Last version v1r1 released on 23.05.19 Doesn't really suck!
MGS1 Solid Snake Genome: Last version v1r1 released on 23.05.19 Doesn't really suck!
MGS1 Solid Snake Tuxedo: Last version v1r1 released on 23.05.19 Doesn't really suck!
MGS1 Solid Snake Audiodrama: Last version v1r2 released on 17.04.19 Doesn't really suck!
MGS1 Liquid Snake Naked: Last version v4r1 released on 24.05.19 Doesn't really suck!
MGS2 Solid Snake: Last version v1r5 released on 20.06.18 Kinda sucks!
MGS2 Beta Solid Snake: Last version v1r1 released on 17.04.19 Doesn't really suck!
MGS2 Iroquois Pliskin: Last version v1r2 released on 31.10.17 Kinda sucks!
MGS2 Solidus Snake: Last version v2r1 released on 08.09.17 Kinda sucks!
MGS4 Old Snake: Last version v1r3 released on 31.10.17 Kinda sucks!

Bandana textures by Shigu
Bandana normalmaps by FrankensteinKappa1 (from TMWSTW)
Bandana head extra model fv2 by Shigu (old verisons)
Hair horn cover up vertex thing by BaileyJIII (from TMWSTW)
MGS1 Sneaking Suit slimmer vertex edit by Morbidslinky (from Outfit Refitting Project)
MGS2 Solid Snake mullet hair vertex by Chelly
MGS2 Solid Snake bandana normals edit by Morbidslinky (old versions)
MGS1 Liquid Snake's hair is stolen from JinMar (from The Twin SnakesI'm sorry I have klepto problems)

Thanks to Ethan, Semih, Aldo, Adam, Blake and John for the generous donations!

Update log:
(13.09.16) - Added bandana-less versions. Added Shigu's bandana textures. Added Liquid Snake.
(02.10.16) - Moved the new MGS4 Old Snake here
(28.10.16) - Added MGS1, MGS2 and MGS4 Snake heads for Avatar. They work on most outfits, and with TMWSTW.
(30.10.16) - Added GameCube MGS1 Snake (No mullet), Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake, all for Avatar. Still should be compatible with TMWSTW
(17.11.16) - Updated MGS1, Twin Snakes and MGS2 for Avatar with new, smoother textures. Added a fix for the hair with the normal fatigues
(24.11.16) - Seperated MGS1 Sneaking Suit from the avatar head files, among other tiny updates. Added MGS2 Sneaking Suit.

(19.01.17) - Updated the MGS1 Sneaking Suit to work perfectly with Morbidslinky's Outfit Refitting Project
(20.01.17) - Updated the MGS1 No Mullet variant with a vertex edit instead of a retexture
(03.02.17) - Added MGS4 OctoCamo Sneaking Suit
(02.04.17) - Updated MGS2 Sneaking Suit and MGS2 Solid Snake - former no longer relies on TMWSTW
(29.06.17) - Updated Liquid Snake severely. Now he replaces Snake, and equipping the bandana now does a special thing.
(07.07.17) - Updated MGS1 Solid Snake - now it replaces Snake, merged with Morbid's slimmer Sneaking Suit vertex edit and includes both mullet and short hair in one file, just equip the bandana to grow out your hair.
(10.07.17) - Added Iroquois Pliskin, replacing Snake's normal fatigues. Includes a balaclava.
(13.07.17) - Added MSX Solid Snake, which replaces the DLC MGS3 fatigues. Happy birthday!
(13.08.17) - Updated MGS2 Sneaking Suit - as well as updating the textures, I merged the head to the outfit, so you don't have to install the head seperately. Another update - MGS4 Sneaking Suit - basically the same changes as MGS2, fixed the neck clipping, now you have to make your avatar to have hair so Snake would have the pouches.
(31.10.17) - Halloween update - the main 5 variations have been upgraded, all of them now have perfect first person and are Snake replacers (Thanks to Shigu and his bandana head fv2 for making both of those possible!), new icons and text replacers built in. Extra changes include: MGS1 Snake now can swap between Short Hair Bandana and Gas Mask, MGS2 Snake now can swap between Stubble and Shaved, MGS4 Snake now can swap heads between Old and Young Snake.

(20.06.18) - I keep forgetting to update this - there's a new MGS2 Snake and a new MGS1 Snake, the latter now replaces the low poly Solid Snake outfit.

(08.03.19) - It's not over yet! Added completely new kitbashes based on MG1 and MG2 Solid Snake designs.
(13.04.19) - Updated MGS1 Solid Snake with a more accurate kitbash with Morbidslinky's Outfit Refitting Project and added a new file based on Snake's design for the Metal Gear audiodrama. 
(17.04.19) - Added a spin-off of the Audiodrama model - MGS2 Beta Snake, based on the Shinkawa Touch experiment model from Document of MGS2. I also updated the Audiodrama file itself with a collar for future purposes.
(23.05.19) - Added two very simple variations for MGS1 Snake - Genome Disguise from a Cyborg Ninja VR mission and the tuxedo Snake gets when completing the game twice on the same file.
(24.05.19) - Added two more files, except they're kind of unfinished. Naked Solid Snake and Liquid Snake - the twins linked by a cursed legacy. The hair from Liquid is stolen from JinMar because I have problems.
(02.07.19) - Made some little tweaks to MG1 and MG2 Snake.