Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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The latest in fulton extraction technology!

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FultonExtraction3000© r5
Compatible with game version 1.12 - Install using Snakebite
Snakebite [SBWM] version

Thanks to morbidslinky for updating for v1.12!

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TL;DR: Fultons all soldiers on the map at once or one at a time as you mark them. Does not work on bosses though

Build that private army of yours one more time"

Are you a mercenary trying to build a private army in the deserts of Afghanistan and on the plains of Africa?
Did you happen to lose an arm in a horrible accident you can't remember much of?
Do you have some pointy shrapnel sticking out of your head that conveniently looks like the Devil's horn?
Do you enjoy sending sheep into outer space by sticking them on a balloon?

If you answered yes to all or some of those questions then we have the answer for you!

Presenting the FultonExtraction3000©! The next generation of fulton extraction technology for Tactical Espionage Operations!

The latest in fulton extraction technology - the FultonExtraction3000© will do the extraction for you. Never run into an enemy combatant again. Deploy into the field, roam around, enjoy the scenery, stroll with the wildlife - all the while the FultonExtraction3000© will send all those naughty soldiers home to Motherbase. Expand your army without lifting a finger!

Now available in two flavors!
1. Upgrade and Forget - This system will do the hard work for you, leaving you free to explore and relax

2. Mark and Balloon - Mark enemies to extract them yourself, so you don't feel like you cheated

What are you waiting for? Upgrade systems will be handed out to PFs on a first come first serve basis so order now and experience the life of easy-fultoning-private-army-building! Do not be left behind!

DISCLAIMER: The FultonExtraction3000© system does not ensure no harm will come to enemy combatant life. All purchases once made are non refundable. Read the agreement documents carefully before installing. Images shown are for reference and may not be indicative of actual product functionality. Offer valid while stocks last.