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Lots of Improvements to MGSV. Basic Version, Deluxe Version and optional pick-and-choose Components. 9 brand new Combat Deployment missions (S, S+, S++), improved soldier progression, improved soldier stats & skills for unique characters & soldiers, Medal of Honor obtainable offline, reduced Development Time, removed S Rank limit, & mor

Permissions and credits

New Update 12 (1 Dec, 17): On request added two additional S rank plants gathering missions to the Optional New Deployment Mission Components and the Deluxe Version (both normal and the IH compatible one).

New Update 11 (2 Aug, 17): Updated the Basic and Deluxe Versions (normal and the Infinite Heaven Compatibility versions), as well as the Reduced Development Times Optional Component.
There have been no changes other than making the mod compatible with the recent patch.
The version number scheme was changed to reflect on the compatible game version, since there's been a bit of confusion on whether the files match the game version. The new version, 2.11.1 contains the 11 for the current game patch, followed by the current iteration of my mod for that version. I hope that resolves some of the confusion.

Finally, as always, the source files have also been updated and uploaded and can be found under miscellaneous, where you also find the IH compatibility versions. (Reminder: There are no more safe and unsafe versions. Both should be 100% compatible, but do not contain resource changes to plants, diamonds and resource containers, since the IH mod allows you to change those.)

Lastly, a warning: Please update the Snakebite Modmanager to the latest version.
1. Make sure you deinstall the old Mods and the old Snakebite Mod Manager, revalidate your game files, and that you can launch & play MGSV without the modmanager.
2. Install the Snakebite Modmanager, do not install any mods. Make sure the game runs with the Snakebite Modmanager and no mods installed.
3. Install the mods via the Modmanager, make sure you select compatible ones, and play the game.

It's important that you follow this process so that if something goes wrong, you know where it went wrong. I cannot help with problems that come from incorrect Modmanager installations.

New Update 10 (14 Nov, 16): New Infinite Heaven Compatibility versions. There are no longer safe and unsafe versions, every version is safe. Check below in the IH Compatibility section for info. This now means that this mod will also be compatible with future IH versions since neither of us now offers conflicting files. Be sure to thank tinmantex. :)

New Update 9 (7 Nov, 16): Version 1.5 Update & Bug Fixes
Fixed Problems with Icons of Development items, all files now updated to the latest patch.
Fixed issue that soldier stats of the GZ volunteer staff had messed up stats or were unrecruitable.
All file versions were updated, the Infinite Heaven compatibility mod too, using files from the current IH mod version (r191-45, updated today).
Thanks for the feedback and poiting the issues out to me.

So, a small mod I whipped up over the last two days, three days, something less more than a week, that simply changes a number of things I didn't like.
I made this mod primarily because I want to delete my savegame and restart from the start so I can enjoy the experience of a growing mercenary group, without everything being quite such a massive grind.

This mod comes as a Basic Version that includes just a few basic options to reduce the grind, and as a Deluxe Version that offers a number of additional features, such as being able to gain the Medal of Honor offline, or 9 new Combat Deployment Missions.

If you want something in between those two versions (or you just want some of the Deluxe features without the Basic Version) check out the Optional Components, which allow you to pick and choose your own features.

About the Mod:
  • This mod allows you to meet higher ranked soldiers in the field.
  • More ressources are gathered through fultoning containers, lootable containers and plants, and the higher level Basis Development function. Also, your soldiers now earn more GMP through Mercenary Contracts on higher levels.
  • Unique Heroes (Quiet, etc.) as well as unique soldiers had their stats and in some cases skills changed to accurately reflect their capability. (As a result, it now makes sense to fulton enemy base commanders or other special soldiers, since their stats are higher and they come with special skills)
  • Medals raise stats a little more
  • 9 brand new Deployment Missions for the highest ranks (Optional/Deluxe Version)
  • Rank restricting items no longer prevent you from getting the S Rank (Optional/Deluxe Version)
  • Development times have been reduced to make it less boring, yet you will still need to wait some time. (Optional/Deluxe Version)
  • Deployment Duration has been reduced, so you won't have to wait an eternity and a half. The highest ranked missions can still take an hour, though. (Optional/Deluxe Version)
  • The Medal of Honor (which required you to use a MB soldier to kill an invader in a FOB defense) can now be gained by getting S Rank without kills in a mission. (Optional/Deluxe Version)

Detailed Features:
Basic Version

  • S+ and S++ Soldiers now appear in the field. When you reach around 300 total base level, first S+ and later on S++ soldiers will have a small chance to appear, increasing gradually as your base levels rise. At the very end, (900+) you'll have a very high chance of getting S+ and S++ soldiers (35% for each)
  • Quiet, Miller, Ocelot, Snake, etc. had their rating improved so that it now adequately reflects their skills.
  • Also, all other unique soldiers had their skills and stats changed in order to reflect who they are.

  • Medals now give 40 stat points instead of 30

  • Ressources in containers have been doubled (though red containers cap at 10k, some hardcode limit)
  • Base Ressource Extraction amount has been increased. A rank = S Rank, S Rank is twice the amount of A Rank.
  • Base Ressource Refining amount has been tripled.
  • Harvestable plants provide 5 times as much material.
  • Diamonds now give 10 times more GMP (Small Diamond 100 000, Large Diamond 1 000 000.)
  • Lootable processed materials give 10 times as much ressources. (e.g. 100 -> 1000)
  • Mercenary Contract Rewards for A and S level increased (70.000 -> 100.000; 80.000 -> 150.000)
  • Combat Deployment Missions had a hardcode limit of max 95%, now 99%. (Removed, now part of Component [3])
  • Combat Deployment Missions had a hardcode limit of min. 3% casulties, now 1%. (Removed, now part of Component [3])

Deluxe Version

  • Everything from the Basic Version

  • Rank Restricting Items no longer prevent the player from achieving S Rank on a mission
  • Soldiers can now receive the Medal of Honor if you use them for a mission and achieve S rank without killing anyone.
  • Development Time for Grade 3-6 have been reduced: (in minutes)
  • Grade 3 = 18 -> 15
    Grade 4 = 36 -> 30
    Grade 5 = 72 -> 45
    Grade 6 = 144 -> 60

  • Deployment max win % chance limit 95%->99%
  • Deployment min dead % chance limit 3%->1%
  • Deployment Time  for all Combat Deployment as been reduced by ~50%
  • 9 new Combat Deployment Missions added (3 S, 3S+, 3S++) of increasing difficulty that yield great rewards (Up to S++ soldiers in the S++ missions)

Optional Components for the Basic Version or Standalone:

These optional components can be installed in addition to the Basic Version, or even without it as Standalone. Please pay attention to the number in front of the files. Files beginning with the same number are mutually exclusive and only one of them can be installed at a time. (The modmanager will also prevent you from installing more than one)

[1] AMGSVI Component Medal of Honor
  • Allows your Soldiers to receive the Medal of Honor offline when achieving S rank without killing anyone. (Previously needed you to kill an invader in a FOB Defense)

[1] AMGSVI Component No Rank Restriction

  • Using a rank restricting item no longer limits your rank to A and below. (You will still be notified that you used them, though)

[1]. AMGSVI Component No Rank Restriction & Medal of Honor

  • Combines both files in on, since they are otherwise mutually exclusive.

[2]. AMGSVI Component Reduced Development Times Offline
  • Reduces the Development Times for Offline Items. (Grade 3 = 18 -> 15; Grade 4 = 36 -> 30; Grade 5 = 72 -> 45; Grade 6 = 144 -> 60)

[3]. AMGSVI Mod Component New Deployment Missions
  • 9 new Combat Deployment Missions added (3 S, 3S+, 3S++) of increasing difficulty that yield great rewards (Up to S++ soldiers in the S++ missions)
  • Deployment max win % chance limit 95%->99%
  • Deployment min dead % chance limit 3%->1%

[3]. AMGSVI Mod Component Reduced Deployment Duration
  • Deployment max win % chance limit 95%->99%
  • Deployment min dead % chance limit 3%->1%
  • Deployment Time  for all Combat Deployment has been reduced by ~50%

[3]. AMGSVI Mod Component New Deployment Missions & Reduced Deployment Duration
  • 9 new Combat Deployment Missions added (3 S, 3S+, 3S++) of increasing difficulty that yield great rewards (Up to S++ soldiers in the S++ missions)
  • Deployment max win % chance limit 95%->99%
  • Deployment min dead % chance limit 3%->1%
  • Deployment Time  for all Combat Deployment has been reduced by ~50%

[4]. AMGSVI Mod Component Component Detailed Names WIP ALPHA
  • Currently adds tags after the names of unique soldiers that distinguish them from others.
  • Current tags that are tested are Name (V) and Name (E) for Veteran and Elite, respectively. Also more precise tags such as (WSP Commander M1), for Wakh Sind Platoon Commander found in Mission 1. These are not final decisions but are simply released for the purpose to allow you to preview these ideas and suggest templates or more preferable ways of handling it.
  • Known Issue: Some names become too long due to the tags and can, at times, go beyond their designated field.
  • Discussion: What should these unique names aim at? Allow Rank at a glance, e.g. (*) (**) (***), etc.? Designate where they were found and give an idea of their former situation, e.g. (WSP Commander M1) or (SN Commander M3), Spetsnaz Commander in Mission 3? Or introduce key tags that allow their role and proficency, e.g. CMD S for Commander S Rank, RdE S+ for Radio Engineer S+ Rank? Or other ideas?

1. Download SnakeBite's Mod Manager, set it up.
2. Open the Modmanager, click on Mods, click "Install Mod..." and browse to and select the *msgv file you wish to install.
When it asks you to install the files even though they're outdated (they aren't), say yes.
3. Start the Game.


1. Open the Modmanager, click on Mods, select "Uninstall Mod" and select this mod.
2. Done.

If you have any problems that aren't related to other mods, follow these instructions:

1. Download the desired Mod files from the main files section and extract it somewhere you can find it (location not important).
2. Start Snakebite, go to "Mods" and make sure all Mods are uninstalled and nothing is listed in the list on the left.
3. Go back to the main menu and select "Settings", "Restore Original Game Files." Snakebite automatically closes.
4. Start Snakebite again, it will now begin its setup installation process. When asked to select the MGSV folder make sure the location is correct, then click on the "Revalidate Game Files" button and let steam validate the game. Then click on next.
5. When asked to backup existing data, click on next. DON'T click on skip. After the backup finishes, click next again. When Setup is complete, click " Done".
6. Now you're back in the Snakebite main menu. Check if the button on the slider next to "Mods" is on the right and has a blueish light instead of on the left with a red light, and that the "Mods" button itself is not greyed out.
7. Click on "Mods". Click on the "Install .MGSV" button in the lower left hand corner. Browse to the location of your downloaded file and select the AMGSVI Mod file.mgsv, NOT the rar file, and open it. The program asks to continue the installation though the version appears to be old. Click Yes. The program asks if you're certain you wish to install the mod. Click Yes again. It should install the mod and you should find it in the list on the left side. Repeat the process for all optional Components you wish to install. Close the "Mod Manager" window so that you're back in the main menu.
8. Click on "Start game". The game should now load with the mod.

If you wish to verify if the mod is actually installed:
Go into the game (helicopter or on the ground), press the Tab key to open your iDroid. In the "Mother Base" tab go to Staff Management. Check the
unique Characters such as Miller or Quiet. Quiet is in the Brig and should have a S++ combat rating. Miller is found the quickest in the "All" category, press E and select "Recruitment Ascending". Miller should be at the very top of the list, with E, C, S+, S++, S+ and S as ability ranks.

Another way is to go to "Missions" in the iDroid, "Mission List", select any mission except the first, so that you end up in the "Sortie Prep" screen where you can select your gear for the mission. Select "Select Character" and select the "Character" field so Snake and his stats are displayed. Snake should have a combat ranting of S++.

Then you know for sure that the mod is installed and working.

Source Material:

For those interested, I'm also uploading the basic mod folder with the *.lua files. Feel free to use them to mix & match or change it as you desire.
This also allows you to install the files without the SBWM mod manager, though I'd really recommend using it.
Currently, the source material is limited only to the Basic Version. This will change when the Deluxe Version is released.

On Infinite Heaven Compatibility:

The previous Infinite Heaven Compatibility versions have been replaced with new ones for the new functionality of IH and no longer distinguishes between safe and unsafe versions. Both versions are now safe. Simply download the IH Compatibility versions in either the Basic or Deluxe version.
Ressource gains from plants, processed materials from containers and the increased diamond rewards have been removed. The new IH mod allows you to customize these rewards yourself, please check his mod for details.
My suggested rates are for plants normal value * 5, for diamonds and processed materials * 10.

Thanks go out to tinmantex, who pointed out the secret location where the Medal of Honor code is stored.

New Update 8 (12 Oct, 16): Included the new development items in the Reduced Development Time Component and the Deluxe Version. These
are, however, only for the upcoming
edition that Konami will release in a bit.
Other changes: Crimson Kangaroo's combat rank was boosted significantly, Mosquito's highest
stat is now combat, Ashen Stallion has a higher development stat and
somewhat boosted combat stat. The Avatar Snake (don't worry about it if
you don't know what it means, yet, if you haven't finished the story
yet) now has the same combat rank as Snake.
Furthermore a series of boosts were implemented especially for Staff that has an important
Research skill and should not be switched out so easily, as well as for
high ranking military officers you capture throughout the game. (E.g.
the Red Brass Commanders in Mission 7) This is a work in progress and,
aside from previous changes, this new overhaul was only done up to
mission 9 so far. (Had to release the patch today because of the new
development items)
If you have requests or considerations regarding further changes, please do tell. I'm trying to keep the units as close
to what they are ingame while simultaneously making their capture

Finally, a new component for more distinguished names has been released (Component 4). This is in Alpha at best and a work in
progress. Do not use it for usual gameplay, or it may disturb
immersion. Please read the notes for the component below in the
component section, and if you have any suggestions for a naming
template, please feel free to tell me so.

New Update 7: Basic and Deluxe Version have been fixed for the current event and the 1.10
patch. Please make sure to first uninstall the previous version,  then
use Snakebite to restore the Original Files, restart Snakebite and
Revalidate MGSVTPP, and only then install the new version. The other
components are unaffected but also have to be reinstalled, if any of
them are used.

Also: IH COMPATIBILITY versions now exist again for the latest IH mod version (r173), both for the Basic Version and
also now for the Deluxe Version in both safe and unsafe versions. (Check
below for IH compatibility installation instructions and notes)
Updated Basic and Deluxe Version for the 9/10th May patch (MGSVTPP
v1.09). Furthermore the Development Times component and the IH
Compability File were updated. The unsafe IH Compability File is
currently not supported. Now everything should work again, if not, do
Update5: Complete Source Files for modders uploaded. (All Versions, All Components, Compability Versions)
Update4: New Basic Version 1.1. Deluxe Version 1.1 now also released. (Infinite Heaven Compability Basic version updated as well)
Update3: New Component. 9 new Combat Deployment Missions (S,S+,S++) and reduced Deployment Duration.
Update2: New Component for reduced Development Time added.
Update1: Three new optional components for medals and S Rank item restriction have been added.