Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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This mod makes the gameplay more challenging by tweaking various parameters

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Updated for version 1.10
Snakebite [SBWM] version included

I have simply updated the mod created by this guy - jvarnes :

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If you enjoy it then spread the word. Also Endorse!

Updated sources for game version 1.10

- Updated weapons ammo count using
Max ammo overhaul by Caelmbleidd
Thanks to YoshimitsuYamada

- Weapons damage increased x2.5
- Total ammo is x2 of weapon magazine size irrespective of weapon grade
- Items amount usable is x0.5
- Sight is x1.5
- Hearing is x1.5
- Enemy health is x2
- Camo index reduced to 33% when being used with correct surface

Fixed ammo counts for AM A114 RP - thanks to AlissArcana

Updated sources for game version 1.08

Camos have been updated to make life easier but have not yet been adjusted as per the original TPP Hardcore mod. Will update in the future.

This mod makes the game more challenging by tweaking various parameters of the gameplay. SP only - I HIGHLY recommend you do not use ANY mods when playing the FOB aspect of the game. 

Be sure to read the README file to understand all of the specific changes.

In brief this mod does the following:
Increases enemy hearing and vision ranges approx 50%
Adds additional benefits to utilizing weather and camouflage during stealth.
Decreases enemy knockout time by about 50%
Increases bullet damage 2.5 times.
Decrease the players health and regeneration significantly to make him only slightly better than a standard soldier.
Decreases ammo and item capacities by around half default.
Changes the empty magazine gadget from unlimited uses to 6 uses (can be restocked by calling in a resupply)

PLEASE NOTE: Before installing you may want to backup your save files (you should find a local copy of your save files under \Steam\userdata\[your user number]\287700 AND Steam\userdata\[your user number]\311340 - search for 287700 and 311340 if you can't find it and back up this folder somewhere) just in case. There have been no reported problems, but it never hurts to be safe.

*311340 is actually Ground Zeroes, but for some reason Steam saves the backups here even if you never owned nor played Ground Zeroes. 

You will also need to backup your 00.dat file found here:

Full details are in the included README

Look at more work from jvarnes:
You can keep updated on his Metal Gear Mods by checking out his facebook page here: 
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