Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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First person mod, built off the shoulders off giants.

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This mod is an update/improvement of First Person Mod (Snakebite) by Real_Mindmaster, which itself is an update of FPS mod following MXMSTR's custom cam by guibillyboy, which is an application of the work done my mxmstr in his Custom Camera Script mod. It fixes like.... a lot of stuff, but is still work-in-progress so please let me know if there are any regressions I introduced from my changes!

Thanks to:
Real_Mindmaster - For your work on porting the first person camera mod to the current MGSV version.
guibillyboy - For your work in applying the discoveries made by mxmstr in being able to manipulate the game's main camera.
mxmstr - For finding the function that makes this mod work in the first place :)

And of course, all of you who happen to still be playing this game and want to experience it in first person. This is my first mod I've ever published in any game (despite being a software engineer) so I still have a lot to learn and would appreciate any feedback on what I've made :)

Without infinite heaven:
Open snakebite -> select mods -> install mods -> double click on the file you downloaded -> continue install -> profit

With infinite heaven:
Download the "Lua only" file -> place in MGS_TPP/mod/modules/ -> profit

Disable: Zoom bind + primary weapon toggle (up on d-pad / arrow key up by default)
Enable: Zoom bind + secondary weapon toggle (down on d-pad / arrow key down by default)