MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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This mod adds Quirks to mechs from the Yet Another Mod series, In order to allow more variety in the mech roster. Primarily weapon quirks, but there are a few non-cannon mech quirks added to select chassis.

DLC4 Compatible

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New quirks include...

"Ballistic Proficiency" - slightly improves all Ballistic weapons
"Factory Gauss Power System" - improved projectile speed and weapon cooldown for Gauss weapons
"Factory Scattergun" - improved projectile speed, weapon cooldown, and increased spread for LBX Autocannons
"Sandblaster" - improved Projectile speed, weapon cooldown, and tighter missile clusters for direct fire missiles
"Spotter" - improved range for TAG and NARC weapons
"Tuned Pulse Lasers" - Faster cooldown and shorter beam duration for Pulse Lasers
"Factory UAC Design" - improved projectile speed, spread radius, and reduced jam chance for Ultra Autocannons
"Factory RAC Design" - Reduced heat generation and spread, as well as improved projectile speed for Rotary Autocannons