MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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A mod which increases all turret health and scale dramatically.
Modifies existing turret's loadouts for more deadly ones.
Includes a calliope turret.

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Are you sick of cannon fodder enemies in MW5? Noticed that previous games had tougher enemies all-round? 

Well, this is "another addition to add to (your) collection" of Enemy/Ally mods. 

This features completely revamped turrets, with far better weaponry, health and size to match. 

The smallest turret being the small pulse turret, and the largest being the 2xAC20 turret, the energy fortress AAAAAAANNDD the reason why you are here:... 
The Calliope... 

Yes MechWarrior, the  Calliope is back to fight with or against you. The calliope follows a hybrid design, where it follows the same design structure of the MW$ calliope, but in a modern MW5 format. Oh btw, this turret is the largest thus far. 

For those of you who don't know, the calliope has 45HP, with 2xERLL, 2xMPL, 4xLRM5. Which is enough to destroy a single light mech at max range before it can close in, while deterring larger enemies who decide it was a good idea to rush into a base with no plan. Yes, you WILL need to revamp your strategies in the battlefield or this mod will be hell for you.

Otherwise, Have fun, I shall update and improve this mod when I can... while balancing my other mods.