MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Makes the cooldown pips more informative - color based on weapon status and range

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Pips will reflect the lowest range weapon in the current group and will reflect the range of a locked target rather than your crosshair position if the group contains a lock-capable weapon. This does mean groups that mix missiles and other weapons will reflect the lock target rather than the crosshair target (and mixing SRMs with LRMs will indicate the lower range of the SRMs rather than the range of the LRMs). I figured this way made sense, but I'm open to suggestions.

  • Ranges:
Minimum range
Optimal range
Maximum range
Out of range

  • If all weapons in a group are destroyed, the appropriate pip will display red stripes.
  • If none of the weapons in a group have ammo, the pip will show grey stripes.
  • The colours will transition as you move your crosshairs (or as a locked target moves).
e.g. a locked target just out of range will be orange.

Known issues:
  • Changing weapon groups via the pause menu won't update the pips. A workaround is to use the weapon group hotkeys (defaults: arrow keys and right ctrl) to trigger the refresh on each group you changed.

Source for all of my mods can be found over at GitHub