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This mod increases the ongoing costs of Mechs and Pilots, based on XP, Tonnage, and Upgrades. Hard difficulty!

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I think there is not enough pressure in MW5 on managing the company financially. The upkeep costs in Vanilla MW5 are simply a joke.
Originally my first mod ever increased the costs by x2 - but yesterday in a night-long coop session, we ended up with 19.000.000 c-bills and had upkeep costs of 450.000. Not per month. Per 90 days! This is not even something to consider in a normal campaign/coop.

CBillsAreTight calculates the upkeep costs of Mechs based on their tonnage + number of installed weapons + the number of upgrades, you have built-in.
(Formula: Base upkeep costs * (Tonnage/10 + number of installed upgrades*0.5 + number of installed weapons*0.25)
Pilot upkeep costs are based on their total experience 
(Formula: Base salary x (average of total XP in all 8 base skills/1000 + 1)

WARNING! with many upgrades per Mech it gets expensive fast. Think about what you need before you build;)
You will probably need to utilize also lighter mechs also in the end, a dropship full of assaults is barely possible

It's only for the brave.

Example for WHAT it means to run this Mod: https://youtu.be/BXhClVNLc-w?t=3409

Thanks to cszolee79 & Oeaeon1224 for the support!
Cover Image Marauder Mech CC:BY Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License by Viereth, deviantart.com; Credit to Piranha Games for the original concept work. Credit to flyingdebris for the original art.