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My personal overhaul of Prophecy of Pendor 3.9.5. Includes many bugfixes, more options for kingdom micro-management, bodyguards, wife as companion, horse whistle, battle shout, new firearms, and a rework of Pendor's troops. Also includes optional Empowered Ullr Vetr Manifest AOE effect.

Permissions and credits
PoP 3.9.5
Falkrun's Tweaks

For full details of all tweaks, credits, and their instructions, check the mod wiki’s Tweaks page:

1. Spawns and Parties

  • Change the chances of capturing leader NPCs. Made it so that a Prisoner Management skill of 10 guarantees capture of lords and most unique spawns, except when an elven lord joins the battle. Eyegrim and Three-Seers remain unedited.
  • Be able to take Maltise's Asp Throwing Axes and Wolfbode the Slayer's axe for yourself when they get captured.
  • Make Aeldarian, Ithilrandir and Maltise not leave Pendor after getting their special equipment. Only Aeldarian and Ithilrandir, Maltise still leaves Pendor on claiming her armor set. Also edited dialogue to reflect this change. They will no longer promise to never take up arms, since...they will.
  • Change the composition of minor faction spawns to become more authentic and interesting. Also changed young nobles and deserters from Alaric’s army so 20% of them are from Fierdsvain rather than 100% of them being from Sarleon; to make more sense of his spawning point being near Valonbray.
  • Change the cost of the sighting report info about spawns. Costs 500 denars (was 2000).
  • Change the patrolling radius of various patrols. Radius of 18 (3 x 6) units [was 30 (5 x 6) units].
  • Prevent Noldor parties from attacking caravans, farmers and militia patrols. Script method.

2. Knighthood Orders

  • Change the upgrade times of Alexios of Melitine. Point 4, made everything take half the time.
  • Make Quartermaster Kailin be able to train horses.
  • Receive an honorary reward for conquering the Snake Cult Stronghold for the knighthood order you joined.
  • Guarantee KO chapters at a new game's start. Guaranteed Silvermist Rangers in Senderfall, Ebony Gauntlet in Avendor, Radiant Cross in Ethos, Lions in Marleons, Phoenix in Maras, and Wolves in Oregar. Removed chance for Falcons in Falcondark (they're outlawed by King Gregory), Dragons in Ravenstern, and Windriders in Nal Tar.
  • Change the rate and the limit of the free KO garrison reinforcement. Changed player’s rates to match AI’s. Limits unchanged.
  • Change the amount, size, and frequency of KO patrols. Maximum of 15 regular KO patrols at a time (was 9), Maximum of 11 “lost” Ebony Gauntlet and Silvermist patrols (was 13), 20% chance of regular KO patrol spawn (was 15%), Increased patrol size of co-op KO patrols to 12-25 knights and 15-30 sergeants (was 6-20 and 10-25), Increased size of solo KO patrols to 12-15 knights (was 4-12).
  • Fix the issue of KOs not keeping track of previous promotion rewards you are entitled to once you reach the next rank.
  • Overhaul of KO upgrade system.

3. Custom Knighthood Order

  • Unlock Sarleon and Ravenstern Armored Warhorses for your CKO.
  • Unlock any item for your CKO and make sure they appear in the pools. The only change here was to lower the value of all four armet helms to 623 (was 624) so that they appear in the CKO equipment pool.

4. Honor and Renown

5. Relations

  • Make Inquisition rightfully hostile towards Singalians and Outlaws too.

6. Morale

7. Tournaments and Arenas

  • Add a notification about Noldor Tournaments being held at Elacrai.
  • Earn renown upon winning arena fights. Gain 5 renown and 1 relation with the city upon winning (was 0).
  • Be able to choose your starting weapon in arena fights.

8. Field and Village Battles

  • Be able to whistle for the nearest horse. Press H to whistle. Added to all scenes in which the player can ride a horse.
  • Make the set battle size match with the maximum amount of troops allowed on the battlefield.
  • Swap the spawn points of farmers and bandits upon village infestations.
  • Disable village battle scenes when you fight against lords.

9. Sieges

  • Fix the bug of sally-outs requiring you to stay conscious in order to win.
  • Disable siege defenders from charging out.
  • Spread out the defending ranged unit reinforcements equally between archer spawn points.
  • Adjust the requirements needed for the defenders to surrender. Food in towns lasts 28 days (was 100) and in castles it lasts 7 days (was 30). Defenders will ask to leave unharmed when outnumbered 8 to 1, will surrender and ask to be treated fairly when outnumbered 13 to 1 (was 3 to 1 and 5 to 1, but with extra conditions that made the surrenders never happen).
  • Add the ability to besiege friendly castles/towns. Honest way.

10. Battles and Fights in General

  • Incorporated Vetrogor's Dynamic Reassignment and Reequipment mod. All tweaks that are a part of this mod are therefore added, with the exception of blunt weapon spawning. I prefer to use the specialized troops (Inquisitors, Sheriffs, etc...) for taking prisoners.
  • Change the scaling of damage over distance for ranged weapons. From 1.2 to 1.8, vanilla is 1.9, ranged weapons deal less damage over distance.
  • Allow crouching and bracing spears.
  • Make overhead spear thrusts more capable.
  • Enable the advanced formations from With Fire & Sword.
  • Fix chasing allies. Kick allies to fix their AI. Also works for stuck-in-mid-air units at siege towers, if you can reach them.
  • Add the ability to inspire nearby troops with a battlecry. Press T to shout.
  • Be able to always join any side in battles.
  • Sort the post-battle kill counter of NPCs in descending order.

11. Loot

  • Fix the problem about loot depending on the order of troops killed.

12. Economy and Prosperity

  • Add a rent compensation system to the game. Additional rent = (prosperity - 20)2 / 6.
  • Increase the prosperity of villages by investing money into them. 10k denars spent, 10 relation bonus, 1 honor, 60 prosperity bonus, 180 prosperity threshold, 240 prosperity cap.

13. Kingdom and Fief Management

  • Add more kingdom colors for the player's faction.
  • Allow players as king/queen to access the war rooms within their kingdom's fiefs.
  • Disable villages being automatically granted to a lord when assigning a castle/town right after capturing it. This particular tweak must be enabled AFTER beginning a new game. If enabled before the start of a new game, two of Sarleon's villages will belong to Ravenstern nobles.
  • Make conquered fiefs which got the appointment deferred to a later point hire troops of your faction instead of the initial one.
  • Disable the disbanding of troops over lvl 31 from a garrison when assigning the fief to you or your husband.
  • Disable the need to pay half of your husband's garrison wages as a female character.
  • Make the troop-giving feature to a lord's garrison become mutual.
  • Able to control and manage your kingdom's (and faction's) militia patrols. Only Point 8, "to manage the party of militia patrols." No new commands added.

14. Quests

  • Make guildmasters always offer another quest once you turn one down.
  • Fix some guildmaster quests.

15. Vassals, Lords and Ladies

  • Forbid lords from raiding villages under certain conditions. Points 2 and 5.
  • Make upstanding and good-natured lords refuse to raid a village when ordered to as a marshall.
  • Attack any lord. Player kingdom won't become hostile.
  • Change the chance of prisoner lords escaping. Prisoner Management has double effect. Escape chance with 0 PM ranks remains unchanged. Lords are forbidden from escaping when below 20% health.
  • Ransom imprisoned lords from other friendly lords. Requires minimum 50 relation with fief owner. Lords cost 5,000 and monarchs cost 10,000.
  • Undressing captured lords.
  • Make lords of your own kingdom hire only those rescued troops that correspond to the culture you've chosen.
  • Revise the household troop allocation and add new ones to lords.
  • Convert ex-claimants to your kingdom. Player should only use the dialogue option once the claimant has been defeated and converted to another faction as a regular lord.
  • Be able to give money to poor friendly lords.
  • Give sets of civilian clothes to companion-lords, claimant-kings and the player until being inside a castle hall.
  • Make the troop-giving feature to your vassals as king/queen become mutual.
  • Add an option to keep your fiefs while telling your king to release you from your oath to him. First option, which replaces the original dialogue tree.

16. Companions

  • Enable the "We hang deserters" option to convince companions to stay in your party.
  • Change the hiring cost and personality of companions. Changed Ansen from Upstanding to Good-Natured, Sir Alistair from Martial to Sadistic, Ediz from Benefactor to Roguish, Sara the Fox from Sadistic to Cunning, Donavan from Martial to Pitiless, Sir Roland from Good-Natured to Upstanding, Kaverra from Benefactor to Roguish and Boadice from Martial to Pitiless. Hiring costs unchanged.
  • Add bodyguard companions into scenes. Bodyguards = Leadership/10 + Renown/5000, maximum 3. Bodyguards won't be present if caught trying to sneak into a castle/town.
  • Turn your wife into a companion. Avoid having your wife as minister when making her a companion so as to not break things.
  • Make all companions contribute their prisoner management skill to the total prisoner limit. Followed point 4, prisoner management remains at +10 prisoner-limit-per-level, since the edit would affect everyone's ability to build prisoner stacks.
  • Make the equipment of medium- and high-tier companions great again, and lock their inventories up until certain levels. Level 30 is the maximum to unlock all companion's inventories. Also gave Sara the Fox weapons more befitting a bard, including a Lyre.

17. Troops and NPCs

  • Add a Mettenheim NPC to the tavern of Valonbray who will offer Mettenheim troops and arms weekly.
  • Get the location of all bandit lairs from Brother Randalf.
  • (Custom Tweak) Rework of Pendor troop tree:
  • Overview: Heraldry gear was removed entirely from nobles, placing more emphasis on their black & white aesthetic. However, heraldry gear is part of the identity of Pendor's commoner line (in my opinion), so I sought to maintain it while making them more interesting and cohesive. All troops were given more fitting helms with more variance, and gloves/boots were standardized. Weapon loadouts were altered for better overall balance while trying to stay (mostly) true to the original vision. Some units were renamed for consistency and length.
  • Details: The Foot Knights always looked like unhorsed Knights, not having any identity of their own; so they were re-equipped with a darker suite of armor and renamed Black Knights. Black Archers and Black Knights had their melee proficiencies swapped. Noble Archers and Black Archers traded their Barbed Arrows in for Bodkin Arrows, and Black Archers swapped their Bastard Sword for a Claymore. The Swordsman line got a slight proficiency buff. The Swordsman traded one of their Bastard Swords for a Long Steel Sword. The Man-at-Arms gave up their Pendor Greatsword in exchange for a Silvered Longsword, a Morningstar, a Flame-Bladed Sword, and a they'll actually make use of their shields. The (Ebon) Bladesman got two new Ebony swords (a 1h/2h and a pure 2h), as well as their own plate armor, to be more interesting as the top-tier commoner troop. The Spearman line, having the lowest melee stats of all troops, were given Throwing Spears with matching proficiencies to make them more versatile...although only the Heavy Spearman is guaranteed to have ranged weapons (half of the regular Spearmen are training on horses). The Cavalry line were originally overloaded with swords, even though they come from Spearmen, so their inventories were reworked to be an even number of polearms and non-polearms. The Bowman line were renamed as Scout -> Archer -> Heavy Archer. Archers and Heavy Archers now have two quivers of Barbed Arrows. Recruit's and Militia's stats were buffed to match the rest of the troops' stats (both were underleveled by 5 levels). Militia and Scouts were outfitted in something more akin to a basic uniform and Militia acquired a Boar Spear. Recruits were outfitted to look more like peasants and given Torches and Pitchforks (for fun).
  • (Custom Tweak) Barclay made a more gun-centric faction using newly added Muskets.

18. Items

  • Restore the original look of the Siege Crossbow from v3.7, and add in a new crossbow with new bolts using already existing textures.
  • Add a small firearm pack:
  • Rufio Vincente de Villaviciosia has stolen a shipment of new Barclay firearms, which the player can take for their order, along with his diamonds. Rufio has also traded in his lance and will now enter battle wielding either a Caliver or a Blunderbuss from atop his steed, making him the only mounted-gunner NPC.
  • The Musket is historically an upgrade of the Arquebus, and is therefore a higher-powered version of such. The Arquebus had it's speed reduced and shot speed increased, and the "ignore friction" property was added. The Arquebus and Musket have the highest damage and fastest shot speeds, with the slowest reload times of the firearms.
  • The Blunderbuss, aka the shotgun/scattergun, is a short musket that can be fired from horseback. The Blunderbuss fires 5 bullets at once in a loose pattern. It's damage, reload speed, and shot speed are all middle-tier of the firearms.
  • The Caliver, aka the flintlock pistol, is a one-handed firearm that can be fired from horseback. The Caliver deals the least damage (slightly higher than the Maiden Crossbow) has the worst accuracy and slowest shot speed of the firearms; however it reloads fastest, and can be toggled as a short melee club by pressing X...pistol-whip them rightly!!!
  • (Optional) Empower the Ullr Vetr Manifest with an area of effect damage. Blast radius of 2.5m from the point of impact. AOE damage starts at 40 with standard +1 arrows, increasing in increments of 4 AOE damage for every +1 arrow damage (so 44 for +2 arrows, 48 for +3, 52 for +4, 56 for +5, 60 for +6, 64 for +7, and 68 for +8). Noldor Arrows have an enhancing effect on the enchantment, increasing the radius to 3.5m and dealing 76 AOE damage. Darkwood Arrows, being crafted by heretics, have the opposite effect; the radius is reduced to 1.5m and they deal only 32 AOE damage.
  • Automatically display an item's ID number in-game.
  • (Custom Tweak) All open-faced helms have had the "hide beard" flag toggled off. Some helms will have minor clipping with longer beards, but for me this is preferable to disappearing facial hair.

19. Skills

20. Cheats

  • Make the "Find item" cheat pages be browsable backwards too.

21. Miscellaneous

  • (Optional) Enable the custom font of PoP and adjust its size. Included my personal font settings. Requires the fonts from PoP to be installed.
  • Make conversations with mounted troops happen from horseback once again.
  • Fix the issue about ambient sounds from arenas and taverns getting played even after leaving.