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Increases performance by halving the size of many textures, mostly weapon, building and armor textures.

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It's not even finished but it's really here! Perisno .90 is upon us! Shame that it's still a heavy mod when it comes to PC requirements. Hopefully this texture pack will support the performance with that. It reduces the size of weapon, building and armor textures by about half. I hope this helps you enjoy warband mods as much as I do.

  • How to Install
  1. Download the rar/zip and open it when it completes.
  2. Drag the folder into your modules/Perisno.
  3. It should ask to replace the files, say Yes. (I also recommend to create a backup of your Perisno/textures folder in case you don't like the FPS boost)
  4. And you're done! Run the game as you normally do.

"How much of a boost do I get from this?"
Good question, for me, I got about 5-6 more fps from these shrunken textures though the loading remained mostly the same, keep in mind that "Load Textures on Demand" is required for Perisno which I hate since it makes the game run worse for me, but if it's required then there's not much I can do about that. It's a good mod, just remember to remove those suspicious .dll files in it's main folder.