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Adds the option for same sex marriage and courtship.

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The Mod/Installation
Inspired and made possible by Same Sex Marriage for Warband this mod will open up marriage options for male and female characters. Male characters will be able to propose marriages to male lords. Female characters will be able to court ladies. 

Localisation has been improved to accommodate these changes. 

Please note that this is not for Warband. The Warband version by Inbetween (which has additional features) is available here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1133687340

You will need gdwitt's excellent Brytenwalda Reworked which is available here https://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/5994/?

Please also see the Brytenwalda Reworked page on the TaleWorlds forum for additional support in relation to installation and set up of Brytenwalda Reworked. https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,340970.0.html

Once the base version is installed copy and paste these files into your module folder, which should overwrite 31 files. 

v0.2 - updated courtship scripts for females; add gender bool change to camp menu in case anyone gets stuck; reinforcement waves increased to 10 to offset problems with battle losses even when more troops are available (in theory this should prevent 700 vs 200 from losing the initial battle, subsequent battles may still be necessary)
v0.1 - males can ask to marry male lords or their female offspring, females can ask to marry either the lord or one of their female offspring, localisation improvements to accommodate changes

Known Bugs
- Errors indicating that lines of script/code contain illegal characters (this is not the case and they will work fine)
- Male lords do not seem to profess admiration for male character [although code supports it in theory] and they do not make proposals of marriage [which in theory they should also do]

Why Brytenwalda?

Brytenwalda has been one of the best mods for Warband. It is the ideal Dark Ages setting, and in my opinion better than Viking Conquest. gdwitt has made the source files available for his version, which is the best looking and most feature filled version of Brytenwalda. 

**Nb this is an early alpha. Theoretically everything should work fine however I am relying on feedback from users to pick up on any errors I have not experienced myself in play.