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Modification of Floris Evolved that distributes existing and modified firearms to high tier archers and horse archers

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Firearms have been distributed to shops in all towns except Nordic towns.  (In theory, have had trouble getting this to work)

Arquebus renamed to Flintlock Carbine and rebalanced to be a Flintlock Rifle for mounted troops.  (Now uses a modified version of the Flintlock Rifle model)

Matchlock set to be reloadable while mounted and serves as a midpoint between the Blunderbuss and Flintlock Rifle, and also between the Flintlock Pistol and Flintlock Carbine

In Vanilla Trees, A3s get a Blunderbuss, A4s get a Matchlock, and A5s get a Flintlock Rifle.
H3s get a Flintlock Pistol, H4s get a Matchlock, and H5s get a Flintlock Carbine

In Reworked Troop Trees, A4s get a Blunderbuss, A5s get a Matchlock, and A6s get a Flintlock Rifle
H4s get a Flintlock Pistol, H5s get a Matchlock, and H6s get a Flintlock Carbine

In Expanded Troop Trees, A5s get a Blunderbuss, A6s get a Matchlock, and A7s get a Flintlock Rifle
H5s get a Flintlock Pistol, H6s get a Matchlock, and H7s get a Flintlock Carbine


1.1:  I wasn't happy with the model I repurposed for the Flintlock Carbine because it was actually a matchlock, so I learned Wings 3D and OpenBRF in order to edit edit the model of the flintlock rifle to make a semi-original model for the flintlock carbine.


Download Floris Evolved.  Nexus.  ModDB.

Download this and place the .txt files and the folder into the Floris Evolved folder in Modules and allow it to overwrite