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Phantasy 2018 is the evolution of 2014's Phantasy Calradia, for Mount & Blade Warband v1.172 down to 1.168. This is not a "re-skin", but a full rebuild, with several thousand changes. 5 player races, 13 factions, 29 towns. Diplomacy, PBOD, and more. Working magic. This is an open alpha. It works but is constantly changing.

Permissions and credits
Diplomacy, with nothing left out.   versions 4.3 and 3.3.2 

 Wife as a Companion     updated to allow more personalities to join, and with a failsafe if the wife gets captured so as to not get stuck with the wrong dialogs.
Aristocracy creation: families in native span factions, which mixes families across borders in native but causes trouble in the 6 race, 13 faction landscape in Phantasy 2018.  Families are created differently, without crossing faction boundaries AND without creating "orphans".  All kingdom ladies have fathers/brothers/spouses/or female kingdom lords (as sisters) to ask permission to court.  No more having to elope...   

Trade, Economy, and Enterprises:  the opportunities to speculate in raw goods such as salt, iron, furs, and silk have never been so plentiful.    Enterprises pay well, there exists banking services (but with higher interest payments and fewer exploits than you might remember) at the four ways inn, and trade routes that Guspav missed for all the exotic factions were remade so that all factions send kingdom traders correctly throughout the lands. 

  Auto generated scouts, patrols, and traders: These exist, but in lower numbers than you might recall from other mods, in order to control the total party count. Movement is thus kept very smooth and with no stutter (on reasonably powered PCs), even with the player selecting fast moving wait time. 

  Adjusting the game to fit your PC:  wait time is adjustable in camp menu "Phantasy settings". 
  Need more recruits?  Talk to prisoners to recruit them.  They might decide its better than the slavers...   
  Thinking of parading your motley party chock full of racial enemies down main street of that town just ahead?  think again -- prejudice against some races may have the town or castle doors shut tight in your face.  With 6 races and another two virtual skins (factions that have special likes and hates), everybody doesn't like somebody.  Or really be a pariah, and choose to be a Necromancer, with most of the map giving you the bum's rush. 

Tired of being confined to 3 evil factions, but you're a magic using Drow?  Slip your way into the mageocracy -- where they respect power, not just alignment.  As neutral as can be, except the Blazing hand dislikes them.     Thinking Diplomacy randomly allies strange bedfellows?  Not so fast.  Alliances between traditional enemies break up much sooner than usual; while long time allies tend to form more stable partnerships.  Recruiting is easier in villages that don't have a bias against the make up of your party -- and helping the village out during an epidemic is perhaps the fastest possible way to grow good relations with a village. 

Take everything you THINK you knew about Phantasy Calradia, 2014 edition, place it gently in the fireplace, set it on fire (safely and carefully), and use it to heat your home this winter.  There is nothing familiar about Phantasy 2018. 

  Faction viewer capable of showing more than 7 factions:  Yes, but I broke this into two views - one for factions 1-6 and one for 7-13 
  Tree viewer for troops:  one was not sufficient to show ALL troops including every kingdom lord, every companion, and every kingdom lady in real time.  Nor every mercenary and bandit troop.  Nor every king and queen, every pretender, and even you the player.  Instead, 3 viewers show ALL of these.  You can see what they carry, the stats, their special abilities, if they can dodge well, all their capabilities at a glance.   
  Added tools for monitoring the player skills, prejudice, trade routes, total parties on map:  of course.  

  Crafting: 75 newly added recipes 
  Combat changes:         Dodge is limited by a timer, so no more ninja that can't be touched dodge spam. If the target is lucky enough to dodge once, they won't be dodging again for some seconds.  They also can't dodge spells and summoned weapons, nor gunfire - although firearms are rare, found only in the Dwarf faction.  You can MAKE a pistol, but you can't make the ammunition ... so for better or worse, you won't be handing every squad member a firearm anytime soon.   
   Stealth attacks:  originally needing an overhead of 48 instructions per swing just to decide whether or not the attack qualifies as a stealth attack, this now happens within 16 instructions.   

    Cleric and mage spells:           generally each mage or cleric impulse had every agent in battle checked to see if they were mage or cleric classed, and when so they cast spells.  For large battles, this is extremely inefficient. Each spell that was cast (for mages) used around 800 instructions looping to find the clothing worn and gave some magnifiers or weakening to the damage, and there was some concern that equipping more than 1 type of staff gave bonuses for two staves.            All of that is rebuilt from scratch.  Every mage or cleric is placed onto a list at the moment they spawn in battle (as reinforcements etc) and from there only the correct list is walked tolet each mage or cleric do their thing.  The other 2/3rds of the agents standing on the battle field are no longer checked, saving time.  Quite a bit of time.  Those 800 instructions looking for clothes?  Now as little as 8 instructions and a worse case of 40 instructions.  Most of time wasted in checking worst case is done now at agent spawn, where magic user items are juggled so that future checks complete sooner, by controlling what slots have the staff and where a spell is put and what if the user enters battle with a spell intermediate they cheat bought from items.  Its all handled.        Every second in the original, every agent would be checked, around 20 times, by various loops looking for certain rare cases - special gear, attacks by mounts, spells counting down until they wear off, and so on. This completes fairly fast for tiny battles of perhaps 30-40 per side, but this is absolute EPIC FAIL for battle size 150 and up.     Now timers are spread out, some every 2 seconds, some every 3 seconds, some 7 seconds, many are even longer.  The result is instead of stacking so much to do that battles stutter, battles stay smooth by spreading the processing over time so that sudden peaks in bandwidth needed don't cause stutter, except during reinforcement waves and each 43 seconds or so during list cleanup, where there is a slight stutter in very large battles. The main open issue for delay at loading battles is actually the old TLD models accompanying Elves and Drow (and possibly, Dwarves).    Paladin auras, cleric flame strikes, spell book and prayer book issues:  considerably cleaned up.      Auras now give a visual clue when they go off; flame strikes were improperly doing 40 points damage less to enemies and were not charging faith points; they consumed faith points even if no enemies were in range, and when 1 flame strike went off the rest of the team stopped making flame strikes.  The Firestorm point blank effect was incorrectly single target limited, making it a more expensive flamestrike. Now it correctly is an AoE.  Costs of cleric spells in terms of faith points are adjusted to make clerics more viable compared to magic users in terms of faith point recovery and utility. 

   Auto calc and magic users/clerics:  Finally, yes.  So long as diplomacy "use terrain in autocalc calculations" is left ENABLED, autocalc ALSO scales magic users and clerics for every battle that gets auto-calculated (sieges where the player is not watching the battle for example).   

   Wages and morale for Necromancer parties; reinforcements; party size; food consumed by undead:        Skeletons and Zombies  ask very  little wages, Morale is done differently now and much easier to control morale both living and dead now,  reinforcements have a huge buff weekly, party size is expanded for necromancer parties with skeletons and zombies -- those troops don't consume a full member spot sort of like orcs in TLD, and undead consume no food and purely undead have no morale issue from starving (but your companions and you may feel otherwise when the food is gone).  Every one of these was addressed.  The lich king is scary.  Especially if the player won't help the hopelessly outnumbered Blazing Hand.  Since necromancers do well in autocalc.  But IF you assist blazing hand, their casting is slightly more powerful than it used to be.     On the other hand - Magic resistance and Magic defense.   Everyone EXCEPT skeletons, zombies and orcs got Magic Defense buffed to at least 1.  Some got more than this.  Attackers got less of a buff to their attackers, making magic defense actually mean more than before.  Also heavy armors hinder spell attacks from magic users much more than in the past, and this effect isn't countered by buying a big staff as in the past.  This  isn't your grandpa's Phantasy Calradia.  Or if it is (there's some debate), Grandpa plans some serious butt whupping. 

  Chamberlains, Constables, and Chancellors - we got em. 
  Morale effects from food AND drink:  Of course.  But why stop there?  50% more food types in total.  Food drying and preserving by action menu -- not just meats but dried fruits, raisins, smoked venison, smoked fish.   Can you CATCH fish and venison: Yes.  But you have to go into Camp: Phantasy settings: and turn ON Rigale .  This way, you absolutely aren't bothered by being told you noticed a place you might try fishing as you are zooming across the countryside.   

 Epidemics:  Of course.  It wouldn't be medieval without the Plague now would it?  Bring out yer dead!     Cheap Monty Python references:   possibly.   
 Optimized timings on background tasks to give very smooth strategic map movement even for fast move at x5 and x6 speed.     saved registers used in all background tasks so as to allow multi-threading (Warband only uses 2 threads though) even with Diplomacy        I don't need to force single threaded mode in Warband advanced options, allowing slight improvements in perceived speed 

   Code doing new tricks never seen before: that's the whole idea.     Guspav's take on it:  his last public message:  Sept 02 2017,279776.msg8835257.html#msg8835257    "So, my dear Phantasy fans, the mod is alive and kicking and gsanders is the new co-coder extraordinaire!"    My take on Guspav:  "He did a lot more than he gets credit for.  Some of it was genius, some of it seemed exhaustion.  But I think its better with two people adding their insights or expertise.  I always liked his 2014 work -- before I started working for Perisno or Warsword Conquest, I was playing this and Brytenwalda, with a tiny bit of Gekokujo.  I liked this the best but was frustrated by what it COULDNT do. Now the only limits are my own..."  I hope he likes it even half as much as I do.