Mount & Blade: Warband
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Narf of Picklestink

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revised and expanded Narf's Men-at-arms OSP

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OSP item pack containing some armours meant to be used on missile and infantry type units.   They would be most appropriate on Rhodok/Swadian crossbowmen and infantry, or for mods incorporating 14th/15th century Western European infantry.  The heavier versions of the armour in this pack could also fit on the poorer type of knights or their retainers.

This is an update of the original pack from 2012, but much of is is redone from scratch.  The models are fairly modular, so certain parts can be rearranged in openBRF to create the exact configuration you want for your armour.  I have not included every permutation and every colour version for every item, because it would just get overwhelming, but for those who are more enterprising, the option is there.  

Most items should fit with Native.

Disclaimer:  These are much higher poly count than most Native models.  I have not had issues playing SP with high setting on a non-gaming laptop, with 100+ troops wearing this stuff, but some people may notice a performance hit.  

In this OSP:

-14th or 15th century style brigandine (probably more like 15th, but I think it's generic enough to pass as 14th as well)
-an aketon/ padded jack
-hauberk (in an alpha/test version, I may some day do it properly, but if not then better than nothing I guess)   

-jack chains
-mail sleeve
-plate harness 

-some hose.  Like, tights.
-same, but with archers knees to man em up a bit
-same, but with full cuisses 
-leather boots (folded down)
-greaves with sabatons or half boot

-leather duelist's gauntlets 
-finger gauntlets

-a klappvisier bascinet based on a well-known relic from Zitta (Switzerland)
-jawbone visor sallet, optional bevor, open and closed versions, painted and polished versions
-archer's sallet
-three kettlehats 
-eyeslot kettlehat 
-hood with liripipe, mail coif, and padded coif to go with the helms