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Floris Evolved is a sub mob made from Floris Expanded. This mod carry's on the floris tradition by continuing to add more OSP packs and content. It features Battle Time (WSE Included) online coop and more!

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  • Friday 9/9/16
  • With this update I tried to address most of the bugs I found reported on the Nexus page. I will continue to fix bugs and develop the mod, but at a much slower pace. Expect 1.12 sooner than later, I want to give you guys a total bug free experience. This patch is extremely stable!
    Here's what your getting in 1.11:
    • AI kicking has been added when AI Shield Bash option is on. (Thanks to Zarthas)
    • Fixed a floating house in Praven.
    • Script errors in village bandit fights, should be fixed.
    • Added the groundwork for the new achievement system, 10 achievements total so far. (Camp menu)
    • Glow in the dark trees, should be fixed.
    • Fixed moving tree bark from the wind glitch.
    • Whole party unconscious when body-sliding has been fixed.
  • Wednesday 4/24/16
    This new update comes in the form of an installer. The reason being is, too many people aren't using the provided WSE, causing errors and false bug reports. For the sake of consistency all upcoming patches may also be in .exe form.
    Here's what your getting in 1.10:
    • Reshade preset made to push graphics even further. (Optional)
    • Ambient sounds in taverns, battles and more.
    • Adjustable Party Sizes. (Mod options)
    • You now must serve 90 days enlisted as a freelancer, before you can retire or take vacation.
    • Sigmund and freelancer troops restored. (Expect errors when taking these troops into multiplayer)
    • Torch added. (Ai will sometimes use torches at night during battles)
    • Wind Physics fixed. (No more weird looking trees)
    • Ground collisions. (Weapons now hit the ground when you swing)
    • Adjustable Battle Size. (Mod options)
    • Heraldic Flags. (Thanks to 1257 team. Ai troops will sometimes use flags during battles, if they have a lord)

    How to use Reshade

    1. Launch the Mediator.exe from desktop.
    2. Pick MountBlade Warband in first drop box or click Add and pick mb_warband.exe: Steam users: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/ C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/ For non-Steam users: C:/Program Files/Mount and Blade Warband/ C:/Program Files/TaleWorlds/Mount and Blade Warband/
    3. Click the Update button.
    4. Pick Floris Evolved in the second drop box.
    5. Pick MountBlade Warband in first drop, then click Update button.
    6. Close Mediator and enjoy new graphics!

    Wednesday 4/6/16
    This patch is more of a hotfix for the freelancer dialog bugs.
    Here's what your getting in 1.9:
    • Freelancer dialog should be working as normal.

    Thursday 3/31/16
    Didn't put all the planned features into 1.8, but still implement them at some point. Decided to release what I had today as version 1.8.
    Here's what your getting in 1.8:
    • You can now execute lords even when you aren't in a faction.
    • Lord now execute other lords. (Mod Options)
    • You can now be killed by other lords. Realistic saves will result in permadeath upon dying. You will be able to export your character and companions. (Mod Options)
    • All flags and UI screens are fixed in every multiplayer mode.
    • Under Mod Options you can now disable companions from being taken prisoner.
    • Fixed the bug where you couldn't re-enlist into a captured and freed lords freelancer army.

    Thursday 3/24/16
    After a 8 month hiatus, I'm proud to bring you guys Floris Evolved 1.7! Based off feedback I decided to give this a whirl and bring you guys an update. Expect 1.8 in the near future, I want to polish this gem and add more features as well.
    Here's what your getting in 1.7:
    • Custom commander can only be used if bodysliding is disabled, due to clones and bugs occurring.
    • Prisoner system has been totally overhauled, talk to troops in the party menu to begin dialog. Lords can be executed but the penalties are dynamic. You can also keep track of your executions in the character report.
    • Fixed the tavern mugs, we actually drink in Calradia now.
    • Horse dust has been toned down, but still realistic.
    • Blood squirts on impact now.
    • New in-game text to add to lore.
    • New mod logo.
    • Fixed the export companion screen. No more kings to export.
    • When your commander is in prison as a freelancer, the 20 day quest return quest shouldn't penalize you. (Needs testing)
    • Player built settlements no longer build on their own. (Needs testing)
    • New crossbow reload animation added

    Plans for 1.8:
    • Flag carrying troops.
    • In-game achievements.
    • Goals to actually end the campaign.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Usurp your king with a coup d'├ętat.

    Wednesday 7/1/15

    An installer version of Floris Evolved was made to make installing and uninstalling the mod easier. I believe WSE was confusing some people, so this just streamlines it all. Make sure you launch using the Floris Evolved.exe on your desktop or the mod will have script errors. You can add the Floris Evolved.exe to steam and still have the steam overlay if you wish. The installer should find your Mount & Blade Warband installation when installing, but if it doesn't; set your installing path to one of the following....

    For Steam users:
    C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/
    C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/

    For non-Steam users:
    C:/Program Files/Mount and Blade Warband/
    C:/Program Files/TaleWorlds/Mount and Blade Warband/

    The location depends solely on where your game is installed. If you did a custom install and it differs, set the installation path to your Mount & Blade Warband main folder. Future patches will utilize easy installation as well for convenience.

    Tuesday 6/30/15
    Patch 1.6 is released... Adds health regeneration to the mod options, fixes borders moving with wind glitch, fixes more helmets with graphical errors, fixes dialogs and text errors and adds a new logo for the mod. Going to continue to polish up singleplayer for next few patches before shifting focus mainly to the multiplayer and coop mode. Remember to that we have a dedicated server: **EU_FlorisEV1. The dedicated server will be a battle server/coop server as of now.

    Wednesday 6/24/15
    Patch 1.5 is out... Fixes the helmet errors reported, adds wind effects to scenes, custom battles now have weather and day cycles, new song added to main menu.

    Thursday 6/18/15
    Patch 1.4 released! This patch adds AI shield bashing (In the mod options). I released this version for play testing purposes, also shoes are added to the female multiplayer avatar (Yes I have OCD).

    Tuesday 6/16/15
    Patch 1.3 released! This patch fixes the butter glitch when looting, adds a new hud, and fixes errors and bugs found in the last patch. There are other surprises as well!

    Monday 6/8/15
    Patch 1.2 released... Fixes upgrade trees being scrabbled and multiple script errors during multiplayer and coop modes.

    Saturday 6/6/15
    I have began working on version 1.2 to address some bugs reported, the release date is unknown at this time. None of the errors are game breaking found so far. The below list are known bugs and workarounds.
    1. Scrabbled troops trees on viewer. (Fixed for 1.2)
    2. Script errors when shield bashing, calling horse, dropping pavise, etc as a different troop during coop or while joining a online server...... (Not fixed at this time, the script errors are more of an annoyance, I'll be looking for a fix in the near future)

    Thursday 6/4/15
    Join these steam groups for this mod and battle time coop mods in general:

    Wednesday 6/3/15
    I envisioned this mod to build upon the awesome Floris mod pack. More features have been added but the biggest addition has to be Battle Time. The Custom troop tree has been removed from the mod, due to their implementation they would not work properly in coop. At this point I hope you guys enjoy the mod and report any bug findings here on Nexus or on the thread I made on the Floris board; I want to make this mod as polished as possible. To join the upcoming online campaign, add me on steam or Envious at

    ***** Those features are on top of floris_expanded features, for full feature list you may wish to check Floris_Expanded modificaiton feature list & Battle_Time modification list.
    * Fixed Battle_Time (Ability to host the Singleplayer battles in Multiplayer, essentially enabling Co-Op, and many MORE possibilities, battle-time has its own feature list which is not listed here, features list can be obtained from its taleworlds thread
    * Custom Animations
    * Custom Rebalancing
    * Custom shaders (graphics)
    * Tons of bug fixes extending from SP to Multiplayer
    * Focus on multiplayer aspect of battle_time, while making the SP (Single Player) better at the same time.
    * Body Sliding (Switch to party companion or troop on death, now after dying you can still help during the battle!
    * And tons of other features!