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Partial Overhaul of Brytenwalda

Contains all needed files. Just download and place entire folder in MountandBlade/Modules
If you download text-only, you will need to download Standalone BW Repolished and paste this over that.

Permissions and credits
Version 27 of changes by GDWitt for Brytenwalda Submod Update May 29 2017.
--AI Weapon blunt toggle doesn't require WSE
--Better AI weapon selection
--New formation and weapon scripts
--New Visuals by HooTman -scenes, backdrops, items
--Train up quickly in the arena as a special trainee
--Jewelry new trade item
--Bug fixes
See forum here for latest news and discussion:,189.0.html
Version 25: Many bug-fixes. Revamped the recruitment from taverns for mercenaries and 2 new parties.
Quick Changelog for version 22-24:
1) All the quests have been updated with new scripts that prevent the parties from wandering off.
Neko quest has extensive choices and dialog revisions.
See the Taleworlds forum for a thread on this.
2) New dynamic campaign map script that both boost and decreases your speed for various factors.
The old scripts actually didn't decrease your speed if you were travelling around enemy territory.
Speed factors:
--Enemy territory near a city or castle: decrease 60% for 2 seconds every 5 seconds.
--Pathfinding skill gives you a larger speed boost
--Riding skill is now a party skill. It boosts your speed about half as much as pathfinding.
--Horses still boost your speed as in native. I plan to add a new script to increase this boost.
--Escaping from hostage situations gives you a huge 4 second speed boost.
--Sneaking slows you about 25%. Sneaking allows you to ambush other parties even if they can see you. Set this in camp menu.
--Loot wagon slows your party by about 20%.
--Weight has a big impact but is still unchanged from native.
--Prisoners should slow your party about 10% and increase with more prisoners.
2.5) You get 5% more ransom money from ransom brokers, and 3% more from young warriors.

3) Flails available that sound and feel authentic.
The two low-tier flails are available from weapon merchants.
The elite steel chain flail is available from the 7 special merchants when you get to a renown of 400.

4) Optimization of triggers for minimizing lag issues.
I moved a number of simple triggers over to triggers so I could more accurately control when they go off.
Unless you have a gaming rig, you should see the stuttering occurring every night for 3 hours sometime between 9pm and 6am.
Night is a good time to rest becarse you only go half speed and your party benefits in speed and morale from resting.
You can also read one of the many new books that are available.

5) The script for gaining Right to rule from public speeches is changed.
It's quite complicated. Basically, you need entertainment 4 to start getting responses. Then your persuasion level and renown are the biggest factors to ensure success.
Success still only occurs about 5% of the time on average, but failure (loss of RTR) should be much less common with high persuasion.

6) Two new companions who are level 18 veterans with training skill of 7. Unfortunately, they don't like each other. They are labelled Gtrainer and Bandittrainer.
The Bandit one dislike Eithne and the other trainer. The Good one dislikes Brian and the other trainer. I forgot who they like in the party mix.

7) Numerous other tweaks.
Since v15, I have added a script that allows you monitor the resentment of your companions and provide gold or flirting to decrease the likelihood of them leaving. Fixed a bug with switched item_kinds showing up when you buy them from special weaponsmiths.

Textfile only version available for quick download if you have the resources folders from Repolished, BW or prior Standalones (since March 21).
The standalone will stay at version 13 until Beta 14 proves successful.

This submod includes all the material from TML1.21 and 1.22 source code changes.
It include all the visual improvements and map from Repolished 1.05.
The text version requires a previous installation of either Warband BW Repolished 1.02-1.05 or Brytenwalda 1.40 or 1.41.

It was built to be savegame compatible with Repolished and BW1.41 if you know what you're doing.

Read about all the exciting new changes on the Taleworlds forum.

Major revisions in Scripts, Dialogs, Quests, Conversations and Menus as described on Taleworlds Click here.
Scenes only contains initial map shrinker for forest and hunting maps.
Item_kinds: Many changes. Trade goods are most important change to test.
New line of blunt weapons and banners.

Music file not included to make the download much quicker.

Kraggrim submod included:
Unaltered: Parties (except Adderyd change), Party_templates, Triggers,map_icons, Resources, SceneOjb, and Textures
Merged: Menus, Simple_Triggers, Scripts (?)

HootMan for ongoing graphics upgrades.
Kalarhan for the debugging and ongoing guidance.
Kraggrim for the help. TML for the great bugfixes. F123 for the documentation and source files.
Idibil, Adorno and the Viking Conquest team who worked on the mod. Brujo for Repolished.