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Warband 1.158 Respec Mod v1.0

What this is:

A respec mod. For those who don't know - respec stands for respecialization. It allows you to change the stats/skills/proficencies of your character or NPC. You access it from the camp menu and it will be pretty self-explanatory after that. I have included an extra command where you may also respec your non-hero troops as well, but beware if you do that it will probably respec every troop of that type in the game(!).

I shall include source code once it has been tested a bit and any problems are fixed so that anybody can add this to their own mods.

How to use:

Go to: Mount&Blade Warband directory.
Then: Modules directory.
Then: Native directory.

Back up the files in there: menus.txt and scripts.txt or you won't be able to change it back to how it was.

Extract: menus.txt and scripts.txt from this archive and put into the "Native" directory.


Due to limitations of the Mount and Blade engine - It is not possible to respec using the character screen, because it is not possible to change unused attribute or skill point totals. That is why I had to created this modification using self-made menus because changing the unused attribute point or unused skill point totals can't be done from anywhere. I therefore create other variables to hold the attribute and skill points until the respec is finished.

-Due to limitations of the Mount and Blade engine - you may save up to 99 unused proficiency points (only).

-Due to limitations of the Mount and Blade engine - it is also not possible to check if you have any unused attribute, skill or proficiency points on the character screen, so they won't show up in the respec screen.

-You might notice that when you add to your intelligence I haven't got the module to add to your skill points. I did at first but then noticed that the game will do that naturally and will give you extra skill points afterwards (or negative skill points if you lowered your intelligence!). For that reason the modificaion doesn't give skills when you add to your intelligence.

-Every effort has gone into making this mod non-exploitable, so if you lower a stat then go to the skills menu, any skill dependent upon that stat may decrease as well. Likewise if you lower your Weapon Mastery, your proficiencies will lower to the new cap eg 60 (0), 100 (1), 140 (2), 180 (3), 220 (4), 260 (5), 300 (6), 340 (7), 380 (8), 420 (9), 460 (10). If you don't lower your Weapon Mastery below what you started with, the profiencies won't lower.


Looking to fix up any errors or possible exploits, but I can't spot any now.


Any testing and feedback would be appreciated. I'd be happy to hear if there's anything that could be better, any ways to exploit the mod, what works well, or any suggestions. Just head along to:

Have fun,